Tips on writing a personal statement medical school

Personal statement medical school is a great chance to show the admission board of a medical university that you are a perfect fit for them! With its help, you can tell about your strengths, aspirations, and achievements, as well as to explain why you have chosen medicine.

Such personal statement may account for more than 60% of the total admission score, so you need to treat the assignment properly!

Medical schools are in a constant search for empathetic, kind and motivated students, and today we will tell you how to show all these qualities through a personal statement medical school!

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Topics for a personal statement

Personal statement medical school is an important part of the primary application that you need to submit via AACOMAS or TMDSAS (for applicants from Texas). If you are applying to schools in Canada, you need to confirm the process with the school, because not all the parts can be submitted via AMCAS.

These applications cover a variety of topics, so you can choose the one, which reflects your personality and vision to the maximum. Some winning topics include:

  • An experience that changed your vision of medicine;
  • A relationship with an inspiring person, who greatly influenced your choice;
  • Personal experience that taught you important things;
  • Unique challenges and situations that had an impact on choosing medicine;
  • Why you want to have a medical career.

You will also need to write an additional essay or even a few once you complete secondary applications to particular schools. Such essays require applicants to answer a concrete question. The admission board will then review the whole application, so it is better to choose a topic that complements your personal statement medical school.

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Tips on writing personal statement medical school

We have gathered the best tips to help your personal statement stand out among thousands of others!

1. Start writing in advance
It is impossible to create a remarkable essay for a few days. Give yourself six months of writing and proofreading to deliver a great personal statement. Thus you will have enough time to create the first draft, put it aside, review, edit and rewrite it.

Repeat these steps until the result satisfies you. Remember, you don’t need to write the essay until you find it perfect (you never will!).

2. Remain focused
Your statement must concentrate on interesting sides of your personal experience and not tell everything about your daily routine. Choose a topic, concentrate on it and provide clear examples.

3. Say no to clichés
We are sure that you want to help people and to do science but we guarantee that thousands of applicants will write the same. That is why try to come up with more specific characteristics.

4. Find a unique vision
Think of the things that make you unique. Each of us has success stories and failures, so it is important to show how you managed them. Make your voice heard and craft an individual personal statement that no one else has!

5. Be catchy
You probably know that any essay should start with a hook. Your personal statement of medical school is not an exception. Make the board want to learn more about you!

6. Show instead of telling
Don’t simply tell the board about your treats of character (like organization, compassion, etc.) but show these qualities through examples from your life!

7. Follow the five-paragraph format
Such a format will make it rather easy for the board to follow your main ideas. Stick to the following outline:

  • An introductory paragraph that consists of five sentences. They must catch the attention of the board;
  • Three-body paragraphs, which explain who you really are. Don’t forget to devote one of the paragraphs to clinical aspects, and one – to service;
  • Conclusion. Here you need to refer to the introduction, provide a summary of the main points and end with aspirations for the future.

8.Make your writing simple
Everyone loves doctors, who use clear and understandable language. That is why your essay should also be direct and comprehensive. 

9. Use transitions
Apart from meaning, your essay should also contain a clear structure. Your sentences will become more engaging if you connect paragraphs with transition words and phrases.

10. Follow the rules
You should always keep in mind that there is a clear word count for applications. For example, 5,300 characters with spaces for AMCAS, 4,500 for AACOMAS, and 5,000 for TMDSAS. 

11. Stick to the topic
If you want to show that you are a focused person, stick to a maximum of five arguments. The admission committee won’t simply remember details if you write about everything and nothing at the same time!

12. The golden mean
Try both not to praise and to underestimate yourself.

13. Ask for side opinions
Once your personal statement is completed, don’t rush to press the ‘submit’ button. Instead, ask your close friends or family members to leave feedback. You have spent months writing the essay, so it will be rather difficult to detect mistakes on your own.

The opinion of a person you trust is priceless!

14. Check every detail
You should always check your essay on any possible spelling, grammar or punctuation mistakes. Make sure that you have indicated the title of the school properly because it is one of the most common mistakes students make.

Give yourself enough time to proofread.

15. Ask for professional help
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