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Essay Format: A Basic Guide with Examples

Learners need to write many paper assignments on various disciplines during the educational period. Writing an essay is the most common task you can get. There are two main things that define essay writing: outline and format. These elements can assist to organize the entire research. Among the most widespread…

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Research Paper Outline – A Complete Writing Guide

A research paper is a complicated task, and you should not leave it until later. This assignment is compulsory therefore you should know how to write it properly in order to get good marks. Before you move to the writing process, you should prepare a research paper outline. Outline for…

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A Complete 500 Word Essay Writing Guide

Students have to write essays of different lengths during the educational period—for example, a 100 word essay, a 300 word essay, and a 500 word essay. You may guess that 500 word essays are the most difficult to cope with. It contains the most number of words. Therefore, students have…

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Types of essays: introduction

Do you like school assignments? We bet that most of the students find homework on certain subjects not so interesting. However, completing essays is rather fun and many students enjoy writing them! There are so many types of essays that every student will surely find the suitable one: short or…

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Secrets of the Exemplification Essay Writing

The essay form of academic papers is extremely popular in colleges due to versatility. There are different kinds of essays targeted towards different aspects. They can help to improve the students' research, writing, and critical thinking skills. Writing essays is an excellent exercise in personal development.  The most beloved essay…

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How to jot down a good essay: a simple guide to try

For a lot of people, writing an essay is just a piece of cake. They simply turn on their computer, take a deep breath and start writing. But what to do if you're having trouble doing it? To begin with, stay realistic about your abilities. Unquestionably, there are people who…

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SAT essay examples for your success!

Scholastic Aptitude Test or simply SAT is one of the most common tests that students need to take if they are planning to enter a college or university. Essay makes up a big part of the test, so if you don’t learn how to manage the task, you risk losing…

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