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College essay writer services are popular and demanded among the students for a reason, and that reason is not laziness. It is not easy to get a decent education – it requires more effort than everything you’ve put to enroll in the college or university. The good thing is that you know for sure why you make all these efforts. The not so good thing is that in most cases you have to give up everything but the classes and homework.

Teachers gladly assign those countless writing assignments, and you can’t afford to fail any of them. A failed essay costs too much for your reputation and GPA. Hence, students seek a way out. For example, use some ready essay examples, but it is the wrong solution. You can’t use the existing text – it is the inexcusable plagiarism. Your friend may help, but they can’t ensure the quality of the writing. Here the option to turn to a pro essay writer arises naturally. Everyone prefers to pay professionals to get guaranteed quality, and essay writing is not an exclusion.

How to find the trustworthy essay writers for hire

Searching for a reliable professional can take time, especially if you look for a freelance college essay writer for pay on the Web or ask your friends to recommend someone. Most of the top writers prefer to collaborate with online companies, and it is best to search for the essay writer website. Besides, such resources make this service organized and give guarantees to both the authors and the customers.

Points to check when you need the custom essay writers

The WriteMyPaperBro is an online service with a long history and thousands of customers from all over the world. We target the English-speaking countries, but we help international students as well.

We are proud to work with the best essay writers online – the most talented and experienced professionals of this field. To join our team, each of them had to prove own capabilities and education:

  • A Ph.D. of a Master’s degree;
  • In-depth knowledge on the subjects;
  • At least 3 years of experience;
  • Excellent literacy writing skills;
  • ENL or ESL with the C2 level;
  • High speed of writing.

If you need to order the text writing service, WriteMyPaperBro will find the most skillful essay writer for you who will be able to perform the job to ensure the A+ grade.

Is it expensive to order services of an academic essay writer?

What we can assure you at once is that the price won’t depend on the writer’s qualification, as all our employees have the highest skill. The price depends on the deadline you set. There is the standard fee per page – you can check the rates on the website, and the more extended period is, the cheaper the price will be.

If you have a limited budget and need a cheap essay writer – you can order the work of the best-qualified expert on your topic at a reasonable price. We are well aware of the financial issues that most students have, and we did our best to provide them with the possibility to save their money. 

Which guarantees of originality will your writers provide?

Having come from the educational field ourselves, we know very well that it is not enough to know the subjects. The text must match the criteria of an academic essay. In other words – your professor has certain expectations of your writing, and we assure you that it will match all those expectations.

As the first and foremost rule is that your text must be 100% original, we set the strict policy for all our employees:

  • Each essay starts from a brand-new research;
  • Authors must use only the most up-to-date sources;
  • It is prohibited to use fragments of any previous works;
  • Plagiarism-check is obligatory.

The essay writer service is a business with high responsibility, and we realize that the academic reputation of our customers depends on the quality of papers we provide. It makes the quality, the originality, and the relevancy of essays our top priority.

No more troubles with writing!

Let us tackle your homework!

FAQ: What else do you need to ask about the writers for hire?

In this section, we’ve collected answers to some questions that our users are often concerned about. It is not the full list, of course, and if any other questions arise, we’ll gladly answer them all in detail. But please refer to the current FAQ, they might include the data you need. Or, hint us if we should add some more answers for the users.

Can I choose my essay writer myself?

Yes, you can name the person of your choice in the ordering form. If you already used our services before and would like to collaborate with the same author, let us know, and we’ll check availability. If another task does not occupy that author at the moment, we’ll assign your essay to them. Our policy requires that one author would work on only one text at the moment. If the writer is occupied, we’ll offer you another candidate with the best expertise on the topic.

Can I change the author if I am not satisfied with our collaboration?

You can. Please contact the support service then and explain your wish and the reason. It is crucial for us to know why the customers might be disappointed. If there is some misunderstanding, we’ll clarify it. In any case, if you request the change of the writer, we’ll offer you another candidate.

Can I get examples of the works to prove I hire a top essay writer?

Yes, we’ll provide you with the samples of that author’s texts on demand. Please refer to the informational page about the team and get the ID of the author. Then send us the request for the samples. We provide you with three pieces of different works for you to evaluate the style.

Do you guarantee the text delivery on time?

A significant part of our tasks is urgent texts. If you set a deadline, we’ll do our best to deliver the ready essay to match this deadline. Of course, there are some reasonable limitations. For instance, a dissertation can’t be written overnight. However, for essays, that minimum term is five hours. All our writers can complete the task with that deadline. The essay can be delayed because of emergencies only. In this case, you can apply for a refund.

Will you edit and format my essay?

Yes. The members of our author’s team are all well familiar with all academic formats – MLA, APA, Chicago, ASA, or IEEE. They will assure the correct formatting of citations and bibliography, as well as the general format requirements to the pages. We hire professional editors and proofreaders as well, and they take the text after the author completes it. The file you receive is ready, and you can submit it as is.

Can I communicate with my essay writer directly?

We provide this option, as it helps to manage the working process. You can exchange direct messages from your account on our web portal and discuss all issues related to your assignment. It is beneficial when the online essay writer can clarify all unclear circumstances and understand all requirements correctly.

Will the author know my name or any other details?

Confidentiality is the main priority of our essay writer help service. We put all efforts to make the service as anonymous as possible. We don’t collect your details and don’t share them with the writers. No one will know your name, or location, or a college where you study. If you communicate with the dedicated author personally, note that the writers won’t share their personal data either, that is our policy.

I need an ESL writer, as I am a foreigner, and my essay must look as written by me

Please check the “ESL” section of the “Authors” page. There you can get the information about the ESL writers working for our service and their background. Besides, all our writers can present the text as if written by a student, and not the professional writer.

What if I am not satisfied with the results of the work?

If you consider that the text does not match the requirements you set for the task, you can request a revision with amendments. This service is free of charge within ten days since the delivery of the text. Please mark the fragments that you thing not suitable and provide us with your remarks on the document. The writer will re-work the text.

How can I hire the author from the WriteMyPaperBro to perform the job?

Click the “Order” button on this page and request the job using the ordering form. Fill in the required fields, describe the task, and give all the details you consider important. If you did not mention the definite author, we’d find the employee with the best experience and expertise on your topic, and forward your task to him or her. As you see, you can easily hire a professional writer to give you the life ring when you need help with an essay.