Secrets of the Exemplification Essay Writing

The essay form of academic papers is extremely popular in colleges due to versatility. There are different kinds of essays targeted towards different aspects. They can help to improve the students’ research, writing, and critical thinking skills. Writing essays is an excellent exercise in personal development. 

The most beloved essay types in colleges are the narrative and the argumentative essays, and there are other types. Anyway, they all share certain similar features. If your teacher assigns you a task to write a new kind of essay, you should already possess the bases. It works even if you never did such tasks before. 

One of the most confusing tasks is to write an exemplification essay. It sounds unusual. Many students think they don’t have the experience. That’s why we explain what this type of essay is and how to write it in this article. 

The Simple Explanation of the Exemplification Essay

An exemplification essay is the closest relative of the argumentative essay. The main difference between them is in the way you present your arguments. The exemplification essay is more demanding for the quality and trustworthiness of proofs. It requires referring to many real examples, facts, and numbers.

You can consider the exemplification essay to be the advanced form of the argumentative essay. And its aim is to help you to improve the skills of scientific research and critical thinking.

You perform researches whenever you write an essay. Personal researches are necessary for you to explore the theme. They also help to clarify your position. When you write an exemplification essay, you need to do more thorough research. Concentrate on the actual and statistical data to support your point of view. 

Specific Requirements to the Citation in Exemplification Essays

You need to present such evidence in your paper correctly. This essay form has strict requirements for the citation of the sources. Here you can consult your teacher about the citation format you should use: MLA, APA, Chicago or something else.

If there aren’t any specific conditions stated, you can define which format you need by the field of study. The MLA format is used for studies in Humanities, and the APA format is applied to the studies in the Social Sciences. 

Choosing the Exemplification Essay Topics 

It is vital to select the best topic when you need to write an exemplification essay. As this kind of paper is so strict about the evidence providing and giving examples, you have to mention the most respectable arguments. This means that you need to perform an accurate and comprehensive investigation of your topic. The best factor to assure this quality is your sincere personal interest. 

There are more criteria you might consider when you choose a perfect topic for your exemplification essay: 

  • You need to be able to apply two points of view to it. The exemplification essay aims to present your point of view about some issues and prove that you are right using real examples. Thus, you need to deal with topics that one can argue about. It won’t be worth trying if there is only one person’s opinion about the thing. 
  • The subject must be provable by evidence. In the “pure” argumentative essay you can lay on the logical arguments and the eloquence to persuade your audience. But you need to provide facts only in the exemplification essay. Choose the topic where you can find actual results in favor of your thesis.
  • The topic must appeal to your audience. You write an exemplification essay for the audience, and you need to consider their reaction. Being an expert in a certain sphere won’t help if your audience does not have the knowledge about that subject at all, or if the topic is not relevant to them. When you pick examples to include in your essay, you will need to give preferences to those representing common situations. You will need to make sure that your readers or listeners might identify them with their life experiences. 
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Examples of the Exemplification Essay Proper Topics

The topic of investigating the impact of religion on modern society would suit well. Religions do play an important role in many societies, including modern western civilization. The impact of religion can be positive and negative. There are outstanding personalities that support or oppose religious statements and moral codes. You can find lots of examples from the past and from the present to illustrate both the points of view on religion in modern society. And this topic will most likely touch the audience too, no matter if they are religious people or atheists. 

The topic of using some exotic ingredient in your favorite dish would hardly be great for an exemplification essay. Of course, you can find and provide examples and numbers about the popularity of the ingredient in different cuisines. The trouble is that it depends too much on people’s opinions and emotional reactions, not pure actual evidence. 

If you are in search of a good exemplification essay topic, consider some of the following ideas: 

  1. Is there any connection between the fast-food culture and society’s health?
  2. Is it necessary to succeed in a college to build a successful career? 
  3. Does social network culture affect traditional business?
  4. How can technologies affect people’s behavior?
  5. Should health care be free of charge for everyone?
  6. Can online education replace traditional college education?
  7. Does the violence in video games and movies provoke real-life violence?
  8. Should the high schools enforce any moral or religious statements on the students? 
  9. Should the foreign cultures have the same rights as the home culture? 
  10. Does the smartphone culture represent social progress or regress?

An Exemplification Essay Writing Roadmap

Writing this definite kind of essay does not differ from writing other reflection papers. As it is already mentioned, you need to explore the theme and gather reliable and up-to-date information to support your statements. Then you will compose the text of your exemplification essay following the general rules of essay writing. 

Due to the emphasis on facts, stats and logical sequences, you need to work the structure thoroughly. It is very useful to research paper outline before writing. 

  • Think about all the ideas you have on the topic and put them down. Then choose the most important ones for you, as they will become the core of your exemplification essay. 
  • List the examples you found during the researches. You need to sort them to choose the most obvious facts, but make sure that they are not banal for everyone. Also, check if these examples are representative and applied to the majority of people. 
  • Line your examples up and choose the minor details which should add more values to each statement. 
  • Now you can consider the text form to unite all these facts and use them to support your opinion. There is a “trap” for the students: they often tend to propose too many examples and citations. These data can shade your thoughts. However, it should be the other way round: you need to use examples to support your thought.

The exemplification essay consists of three parts: the Introduction, the Body, and the Conclusion. There are requirements for the contents of each part, which we’ll examine here. 

The Exemplification Essay Introduction 

It is a comparatively short, but a very important part of your essay. It has two aims: 

  • to grasp the audience’s attention;
  • to explain what your exemplification essay is about and why they should want to learn more. 

The attention is attracted by the so-called “hook”. It can be some interesting fact, an anecdote, a catchy citation, or else. The crucial thing is that the hook must be laconic and appeal to emotions to raise the curiosity of the readers/listeners.

After the hook, you need to describe briefly the topic of your essay and your main ideas. This is the thesis statement which is the central part of an essay. The main Body part which takes the most of the text is aimed to support to thesis, and you will also refer to it again in the Conclusion. The thesis statement is short, it usually takes a couple of sentences. 

Working on the Body of the Exemplification Essay  

There are no definite requirements for the size of this part, however, your teacher should explain the limits for the number of words. Still, the Body is the largest part of an essay.

  • The number of paragraphs will depend on your thesis statement and the examples you selected as arguments. Traditionally you should present the statement and then offer your evidence to prove your rightness. One paragraph is for one statement. 
  • Refer to your outline and check if your ideas are clearly and logically connected. The “plotline” must be one, and the audience should trace it easily. Each next paragraph should originate from the previous one. 
  • Pay attention to the word choice and your phrases. Most of the college essays are moderate in size, and you have to present your ideas clearly in them. Don’t use any fluff, don’t use rare words and vague sentences which can cause difficulties for the audience. The text must be clear and concise.
  • If you are stuck in the middle of the text, give yourself some rest. Put the work aside and let your mind get refreshed. Then you can get back to the paper with more energy and creative ideas. 

Closing the Exemplification Essay with a Proper Conclusion 

In the Conclusion part, you should again stress your main ideas, however, in different words. Give a summary of your work and target it more towards the audience. Find a good final sentence which should also get the emotional reaction from the public – let them feel the importance of this theme. You can choose some other joke or end the story with a question. In any case, the audience should be engaged. 

If you have experience in writing argumentative essays, you won’t face any trouble with an exemplification essay. However, it still has some specific points which you need to pay attention to. With our recommendations, you can do your task properly, and your exemplification essay will be great.

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