How to jot down a good essay: a simple guide to try

For a lot of people, writing an essay is just a piece of cake. They simply turn on their computer, take a deep breath and start writing. But what to do if you’re having trouble doing it? To begin with, stay realistic about your abilities. Unquestionably, there are people who are easily given the opportunity to write texts. If this is not your case, you need to write your essay with more coherence and responsibility. 

If you are already an experienced writer, you will find it useful to re-read this information to reinforce your knowledge. If you have never had to write an essay or want to enhance your mastery in writing, this will be definitely beneficial for you. 

What do you need to start?

  • Determine the type of essay because the structure of your work will depend on it.
  • Decide on the subject. 
  • Review the materials and read the basic information on a subject of concern.
  • Think over your statement thesis.
  • Make out an outline for your essay.
  • Start writing. 
  • Proofread and check your essay for any mistakes. 

Don’t be afraid of so many points to deal with. If you touch the working process sequentially, you will get a great result. 

  1. Define the type of essay

What are the main categories of essays and what do they mean?

  • The first type is a Narrative essay. This is one of the simplest words because the structure of the writing is close to the usual narrative. You tell about events in a simple narrative manner.
  • A persuasive essay is a kind of work where you need to apply all your persuasion skills to make the reader believe you.
  • An Expository essay is one of the most informative and useful ones. It is a so-called guide or instruction that tells you how to do something right.
  • A descriptive essay is a more literary type of essay in which you provide a detailed account of events. For example, if you went to a scientific conference and want to tell your readers about it, mention all the ins and out of the event. Don’t forget to share your impressions
  • An argumentative essay is a text in which you have to defend your position on a question. You should search for convincing examples to get some background information. 
  • In Compare and Contrast essay, you need to select some topics and do a comparative analysis of them; focus on their similarity and don’t forget to mention their differences
  • Problem Solution Essay is quite a complex kind of work because the essay usually touches upon delicate topics. You need to be very attentive, to familiarize your reader with the topic. Have SAT essay examples and convince him/her of the importance of the topic. 

2. Identify the topic

It will be difficult for you to write an essay if you do not have an idea of the story. At this stage, you need to calm down and think.

  • Determine your direction and write on a piece of paper the first thing that comes to your mind concerning the main topic.
  • Use various strategies to help you expand the topic.  
  • When you have enough concepts related to the main topic, try to define and select the one which is closest to you.

3. Research the material

Once you’ve decided on the topic, start your own research. Various books, reliable internet resources, authentic and professional commentaries will help you analyze the situation and collect the knowledge you lack. Be consistent and be sure to list the references used into a comprehensive list. You may need it for your further studies.

4. Formulate your thesis

The thesis is one sentence that discloses the main idea of your essay. Be meticulous when you write a text and don’t forget that it has to resonate with the thesis. This sentence should not comprise a massive portion of information but at the same time, it should convey the leading statement and catch the reader. 

5. Outline an essay

The plan is the footing of your essay. Thanks to it, you will be able to follow a premeditated structure and not deviate from your objectives. 

To write a plan, you need to understand roughly what the topic of each of the paragraphs is.

  • Remember the central rule: no more than one topic is covered in a paragraph.
  • Make sure that your text is readable; use linking words between sentences.
  • Ensure that each paragraph echoes the thesis and does not deviate from the main topic of the essay.

6. Get down to writing

When the main aspects are covered, you can start the practical part.

  •  Start your essay correctly; to get the reader to read the text, you need to take advantage of a trick; it can be a rhetorical question, a joke or a pun; anything that can draw attention to your topic.  
  • Don’t forget to keep an eye on the coherence and readability of your text.
  • Keep tabs on the topic and try not to deviate from the plan.
  •  Use special linking words to help you correlate your text together. You don’t want your text to sound bizarre.
  • Draw your conclusions and share them with the reader at the end of your essay. 

7. Checking comes first

A good text is, first of all, a competent text. An abundance of lovely word constructions does not compensate for the presence of gross errors. 

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Never hesitate to:

  • Keep an eye on the grammar because such errors are often the silliest ones and those you could have prevented your text from.
  • Make sure all words are written correctly because spelling mistakes are no less noticeable and serious; moreover, a misspelling error can significantly change the meaning of the entire sentence and ruin it.
  • It is important to check punctuation because it is often an issue that can influence the perception of the meaning of a sentence.
  • Be sure to examine the way quotes have been incorporated in the text; this should be noted, as different types of essays may have different requirements. 

The last thing worth mentioning is the writing style. You need to pursue the structure but you should never forget about the message you want to express. We hope you will find this information worthwhile. Follow these rules and your essay will be recognized.

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