How to Write a Thematic Essay

Each academic paper or essay has a purpose. Sometimes this is research, sometimes a reflection of one’s own feelings and thoughts. Often college and university students work with books, films, and various pieces of art to understand why they were created. And when this reason is clarified, one will make great progress in writing a thematic essay. We offer a look at this issue from all sides.

Definition of a thematic essay

A thematic essay is a piece of writing in which the author discusses a central theme in a literary work. Various literary methods are used to write such a paper. It can be a metaphor, personification, imagery, comparison, foreshadowing, etc.

The main catch is that everyone can interpret the topic differently. This means that a single vision does not exist, but the student should still try to find a central idea and explain one’s opinion with evidence from the original text.

How to come up with a thematic topic?

The main secret of a good thematic essay is the right topic. We have a few tips to help you make the right choice:

  • Brainstorm session. Think about your own experience, about what you experienced, what you discussed with your friends. Perhaps some of these conversations are related to the books you have read.
  • Write down all the ideas that came to your mind. Even if they are absurd. Sometimes even the most absurd options can be really successful.
  • Make a list of your favorite literary works. Which of them impressed you the most? If you analyze the issues that the author focused on, you can come up with more interesting ideas.
  • Read other thematic essays to get inspired and understand which topic will be the most successful for you.

Good thematic essay topics examples

  • Why is the death penalty prohibited?
  • The influence of classmates is greater than the influence of parents
  • People always need support
  • Divorce is sometimes the best solution for the family
  • How Bram Stoker described strong friendship in “Dracula”
  • The human subconscious mind is stronger than the forces of nature (according to “The Shining” by Stephen King
  • Image of the Battle of Waterloo in Les Miserables, written by Victor Hugo
  • The confrontation of man and animal – Moby Dick Herman Melville
  • How different people endure loneliness and how Ernest Hemingway described it in “The Old Man and the Sea”
  • How political systems of countries influence society
  • Can people change their role model of behavior?

Uncovering a central theme

As already mentioned, the first significant step for writing a thematic paper is to uncover a central theme. This can be a daunting task, given that writers describe a large number of things. Below are several ways to assist you make the right decision:

  • Summarize a piece of literature: What does the author want to negotiate? Most likely you will find a lot of tips that will help determine the right direction.
  • Choose the most requested item. Just consider the difference between the topic and the subject. The topic is what the author reveals regarding the subject, that is, the general topic of conversation. It can be love, friendship, betrayal, etc. Think about what is relevant in our time, what is most often said. This will be your key aspect.
  • Read between the lines – when you decide on a topic, think about what hidden meaning the author laid

Think about the benefits of this literary work. What can be learned from this piece of writing and applied in life? In other words, what are some useful insights?

Outline thematic essay

Everything is simple here since all essays have a similar structure. The first highlight is the volume. Your paper should have at least 5 paragraphs, depending on the seriousness of the topic.

To organize them, pay enough attention to writing offline. Start working on your essay long before the deadline, so you have time to think through all the points.

The next step is to write a thematic thesis statement. You present to the reader the subject and thesis of the paper, and then write the paragraphs defending the validity of this statement. To do this, you will need logic, language skills, as well as examples from the piece of literature.

The last part of the essay is the conclusion. Briefly describe the essence of the paper and draw conclusions.


An introduction to a topic essay is often the main stage of a paper. It is it that determines whether the reader wants to read your essay further or not. Therefore, you should use hooks that will attract their attention, intrigue them. You also need to come up with a good thesis statement that reflects the main topic of the essay. The introduction should not be too long; remember that brevity is the soul of wit

Body content

When writing paragraphs, you need to adhere to the requirements for a thematic essay. Most likely the teacher will provide you with them. This refers to the volume, style, structure of your essay.

Every paragraph should begin with a topic statement. Then you need to give examples from a literary work that will support your point of view. Make sure there is a connection between your thoughts and these examples. As examples, plot events, quotes from the book are suitable. Argument your point of view without using random points or conclusions. Your thematic essay should be logical and proven.


Before you finish the document, you need to solve three main issues. First of all, try to formulate your thesis statement differently. Then evaluate all the theses that you used in the essay, summarize them. In the end, you need to present a general statement with global analysis. Be convinced that in your conclusion there is no information new to the reader. Do not use any new facts, at most one concluding example, for which there was not enough space in the body. You can also leave a hook to the reader, which will encourage one to dive deeper into the topic.

We have provided you with a brief outline of the topic essay. This will help to get a general idea, to understand how long it will take you to write a paper, to evaluate the complexity of the work and your strengths. Now let’s focus in more detail on each of the stages of writing, including preparation. Or you can always order ready-made paper that meets all the requirements for A-grade.

Tips on how to write a thematic essay

First-year students often think essays are easy. It’s enough to sit down and start writing or typing. But in practice, everything is different. You cannot write a paper using only information from your head. Also, absolutely all available data cannot be used. You need a clear plan, a sufficient number of training and additional materials. You will have to spend a lot of time in the library if you want to write a really high-quality essay.

The preparation consists of the following stages:

  • Study. When writing a thematic essay, you need to carefully analyze the literary work. Read the book carefully, write down your thoughts. What statement do you want to prove? And what will you refute?
  • Outsourcing. You need to give examples not only from a specific book but also from real life. If it will be more convenient for you, make a diagram or table where all the information will be interconnected.
  • Outline. When you get enough material, you can organize it. A complete quality plan is almost a draft version of your paper. When you bring all the facts together, you will see where you have an overabundance of information and where there are gaps. What facts you need to get rid of, for which to conduct a more attentive review.

Do not use plagiarism. Your tutor will immediately notice when checking. Your paper must be unique. The only exception is quoting, but don’t go too far with it.

Most likely you will have to devote a lot of time to prepare. Even if some topic seems successful at first glance, practically, everything can be different. For example, after a more detailed reading of the book, your ideas and assumptions will not be confirmed. Or you will see that this is only your intuition, but in the essay, you have to prove your opinion with examples. Give yourself the right to make a mistake, but make sure you have enough time to make amends.

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How to write a really killer introduction

Focus all your energies on the introduction. It should be awesome so that your paper gets enough attention. Here are a few important points:

  • Hook. Think of all the comedy films you’ve watched. Almost everywhere, the moment is used when the character sticks to the door handle. You can do the same with your paper. Use an unusual fact, a deep thought from the text, a metaphor, a joke. You need the reader to hook onto your paper.
  • Bridge. After you have already caught the attention of your readers, you can provide them with more information. Explain what kind of literary work you write in your essay. In addition to the title and author’s data, it is necessary to highlight the main issues. Do not retell the book in your own words, just focus on important points.
  • Thesis statement. This is the fundamental part of your introduction. You need to state what exactly you will write about. What exactly attracted your attention, what theme are you interested to talk about? Your thesis must be both narrow and wide so that you can build on it in your paper. In the body of the essay, you will write a few more abstract statements, each of which should be connected with the main one.

If you take enough time and responsibly approach the issue, you can write a good thematic essay. Study your teacher’s recommendations in advance to get the paper done correctly. You need to consider the size, format and other useful information. We are always here to help!

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Paragraphs of the body of an essay

Now let’s talk about the content of your topic essay. The process of writing can be the most difficult and responsible, so you should really cover a lot of grass. In the end, you need to get solid and accurate content. It will consist of at least two paragraphs, although most guides recommend using a minimum of 5. Here everything depends not on the volume, but on the essence. If you have something to say, you can write more. But you do not need to stretch the sentences just to make your essay look more voluminous.

Each paragraph should have a specific structure. They will consist of:

  1. Topic. It is needed in order to set the mood for the entire paragraph, to show the reader what you will write about. State the topic briefly, accurately and clearly.
  2. Specific information. Here you need to open the topic, add examples, explanations, arguments. Why did you find this question important, how does the author of the book look at it? Make sure the sentences do not contain water or other unnecessary information.
  3. Comment. Now you can express your own opinion. Of course, no one expects that you will be 100% objective because it’s difficult to remain impartial in the analysis. Especially if you chose an important topic that is close to you. But you need to try to analyze professional sources and form a thought on their basis. Your personal experience can be an example, but not the main statement for the essay.
  4. The final statement. Each paragraph needs a brief summary, where you will summarize and explain their connection with the thesis.

Even if you masterfully speak the language and have something to write on the topic, try to be brief. No one wants to read a text that is too long.

Conclusion of a thematic essay

So, you got almost to the finish. If your killer introduction and informative paragraphs did not seem convincing to readers, you still have one last chance. Do not miss it, writing a conclusion! You need to come up with a really wonderful conclusion, take stock of all the paper. Do not repeat the information that you have already used; no new facts are needed either. Just analyze your paper. Do you think your research has a future? Why? Share this with your readers! Let them have a pleasant aftertaste after reading your paper.

Proofreading and Fact-Checking

We always say that even if you are entrusted with a small essay, do not start writing it before the deadline. Spend as much time as possible. Firstly, our brain sometimes runs in the background and generates better ideas when you don’t expect this at all. Next, you can collect a lot of material and sort it. Write an essay without haste, clearly and thoughtfully, paying attention to every little thing.

When the paper is finished, forget about it for a few days. Take a rest, get enough sleep and read it again. This will help to look at it from a new angle. You will see where you made inaccuracies, where you did not prove the argument, and where you gave an incorrect example. Make a change. Also, get rid of spelling and grammatical errors. They are unacceptable and will spoil the impression of you as an author, even if your writing style is pretty good. If you referred to other papers, indicate the sources. Check how your paper meets the recommendations of the teacher.

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