Main Features of AMA Format

The abbreviation AMA is decrypted as the American Medical Association. It developed a format that people use for the correct design of various academic papers. The AMA citation format contains a number of guides, thanks to which writers are able to indicate the titles and authors of other works that they explored during the writing their own. 

Some Historical Facts

Nowadays topical is the 10th edition, while the history of the AMA Citation system began long before that. For the first time, this system appeared in the AMA Manual of Style and became a key guide for various ways of writing text and quotes in writing various research and medical papers. Throughout its existence, the format has been recognizing many changes, which in addition to the manual on improving writing skills had several useful data, including polls, blogs, and recommendations of trusted authors.

General Aspects

As mentioned earlier, this citation format refers to the American Medical Association and is used during the citation of various academic and research papers. Regardless of the scientific direction, most writers resort to AMA Citation to properly format their work. Now, this system is very popular and widespread. There are a number of specific sources that contain recommendations for using this format. First of all, you need to find out information about the preferences of your supervisor or organization. Thanks to this, you can use the most appropriate citation style for material analysis.

There are many different ways to cite, each of which has its own specifics and principles. AMA Citation Format, like the CSE and APA styles, requires you to follow clear guidelines. In addition to guaranteeing the correct citation of the sources used, this also confirms the presence of foreign materials and eliminates plagiarism.

Throughout history, people involved in writing and editing have followed rigorous guidelines. However, with the advent of various innovations, the situation has changed somewhat. Online resources have appeared in the world that makes citation processing an automated process. Among the most common text platforms is Microsoft Word, which, like other processors, contains generators that can help with the design of quotes and all related aspects. But do not forget to configure them to perform this task!

Nowadays people use the 10th edition of the AMA Style Guide. This set of rules indicates all the points that must be considered in the citation process. A key detail is the need to effectively integrate pieces of information from other works into your own paper. These recommendations are relevant when writing a huge number of scientific papers, including articles, presentations, reports or essays. This long list does not end even after posts on online blogs. Check out specific examples and see for yourself!

If Quotes Are Located Inside the Paper

The first aspect to pay attention to is the numerical sequence of the use of sources. To implement this paragraph, the author needs to use Arabic numbers, which are an integral part of our daily life. At the same time, Roman numerals play a completely different role and do not take part in the citation process.

Arabic numerals are written separately from such punctuation marks as a dot or comma, while a colon and a semicolon can separate them or be near them. If the citation is multiple, the author must put commas between each new Arabic number, while in the closed row the connecting element is a hyphen. There are some examples of different kinds of using Arabic numbers when quoting.

  • Multiple citations: The points of view are as follows (2, 3 🙂
  • Numerical citation: The organization has completed familiarization with a number of documents. (7)
  • Closed series: as mentioned earlier, (14-17, 20)

If You Work With In-Text Citation

AMA Citation Format requires the writer to clearly follow the rules for each source. At the same time, he must resort to using a superscript. The latter is part of the writing style. It is located above the standard text and has a smaller size. Compliance with this rule is evidence that

  • Both the list of references used and the citations have the same number.
  • Quotations are arranged in a clear sequence in each new section of your paper.
  • The list of references has a digital sequence.

If you use a direct quote, don’t forget quotation marks.

You should remember that not only citing text can have the mentioned format. This item also applies to tables, charts, statistics or figures. All these elements must be arranged in numerical sequence and have the necessary numbers in the upper index.

Another important aspect is the indication of pages that contain the quote used. On the one hand, it is not a prerequisite for AMA Citation Format. However, in some cases, supervisors require students to use page numbers in their work.

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If You Quote a Book

Unlike articles, citing books is a more difficult task, which requires taking into account many different features. Among such factors are the number of writers, the presence or absence of editors, the location of the quote (paper version or electronic resource).

Work With Design

As we emphasized above, each quote you use must be formatted in accordance with the necessary rules provided by the ASA Citation Format. Here are some of the highlighted aspects:

  • AMA Style refers to citation formats that require the use of a digital sequence rather than an alphabetical one.
  • You can familiarize yourself with sample information on the design of the list of references using online resources or a printed version of the recommendations.
  • When working with links, you should avoid superscript and use standard numbers.
  • Also, the list of links should be left-aligned.
  • The title of each part of your academic paper should be centered and in bold.
  • Each new quote must be indicated at one interval. If the processor does not allow you to implement this item automatically, try pressing Ctrl + Enter after each new line.

Some Conclusions

The most common distribution medium for AMA Citation Format is medicine. You can meet this style during the design of citations in various academic papers, textbooks, magazines and more. Moreover, communication with the medical community does not mean that the possibility of the emergence of AMA Format while working with other scientific disciplines is impossible. The use of materials from other researchers is an essential aspect of any activity, as this makes the analysis more detailed and justified. If the citation is ignored or incorrectly framed, the author risks criticizing by using plagiarism, and in some cases can even be excluded from his community.

Like other citation formats, using AMA Style implies following clear and strict rules. In fact, first, it is worth emphasizing the need for the most thorough verification of the written material. You can also chat with other reliable people and ask them to help or answer questions that interest you. Do not forget about important elements of the workflow, such as:

  • Literacy. Remember to use the same information contained in the original source. Be especially careful, as sometimes good work can be corrupted by misinterpretation of materials.
  • Punctuation marks are your good friends. In addition to the punctuation found in the source you are exploring, check out the general guides on this subject.
  • Uppercase and lowercase letters, italic and bold. You should not forget that various aspects of academic work need different methods and features of formatting.
  • Use a suitable interval. Make sure that you have enough information on this item and can qualitatively complete each section of your research paper.
  • Remember to cut back. For instance, when specifying different logs, you should use abbreviations. Refer to the NLM Catalog when working with this aspect.

Quotes play a very important role in the process of writing any work. If you have familiarized yourself with all the necessary points and possess the necessary information, but are still not sure of the correct execution of your work, seek help. You can speak with the supervisor or professor at the university. Contacting various Internet services is also an affordable option.

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