What is the most important thing about the APA title page?

As naive and straight forward as it is to say, the most important thing about the APA title page is the fact that it is the first thing people are going to see when they take your psychology paper. This means that it something that will create a very first impression of your work and as we all know the first impression is the most important one and is very hard to change.

As we figure out, the cover page is the first impression the readers might get of your work. Now, let us see what should it look like to make the first impression a good one.

First things first, the APA title page should give the reader an understanding of what exactly your psychology paper is about. This requires your cover page the clearly state the topic of your paper, who wrote it, the name of your tutor and the name of the class you did it for. Even though it sounds too elementary to pay them much attention on it, we still think it is relevant to mention that the papers of this kind, especially their cover pages, do not allow the using of some unusual fonts. There can be only «Times New Roman» or cursive.

What information should the APA format title page involve?

We have already briefly mentioned the information your APA title page should have. Now let`s take a more thorough look at the matter.

At the top of the cover page, there should be the full title of your psychology paper. To make your title be the first thing to catch the reader`s eye, it is better to make the letter size slightly bigger than everything else on the page.

Surely, you should mention your name here. There are two ways to do it. Your name can stand right under the title of your psychology paper (could be written in cursive) or you can put your name at the bottom of the page next to the name of your tutor, name of the subject, name of the school, etc.

As we have just mentioned, the name of the subject you have prepared your psychology paper for and the name of your school should be but at the bottom of your APA format title page, either in the center or in any of the two bottom corners of the page.

The name of your tutor has to be stated rather particularly. First comes the rank (professor/doctor/Ph.D./etc.), next come the initials (better to put the initial of both first name and the second name), then comes the tutor`s surname.

The number of pages seems to be irrelevant, yet it is not true in this case. It is very important to make sure that your APA title page involves this information. It is usually written in the lower case and put in any corner of the page.
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Choosing the intriguing title

This is an important decision, which we strongly recommend to discuss with your tutor. However, the idea should be yours, of course.

To begin with, you have to realize that the bigger letter size of your title does not have to be the only thing to catch the reader`s attention. It needs to be as intriguing as the title of the psychological paper can ever be.

The best way to create the title is to make out of two parts: The «general» part and the «specific one». The «general» part of the title should involve the area of the study. In the second part, the «specific» one should contain a more detailed part of the title.

For example, you are writing a psychology paper about the treatment of panic attacks caused by post-traumatic stress disorder. In this case, your title could sound like: «The issue of panic attacks. The treatment of panic attacks caused by post-traumatic stress disorder.»

Usually, the title consists of 1-3 sentences, yet the best way to form it is to get one sentence for the «general» part and one for the «specific». This means that the most reasonable size of the title is two sentences.

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Tiny details

It would be better for the main font of the entire paper to be «Times New Roman», letter size 14 -16 and the APA title page is not an exception.

Every page should be numbered at the right upper corner of the page including the cover page.

As we mentioned before, there is the strict order of putting your name, the name of your tutor, discipline and your school when creating the APA title page. It is also important to make sure you make the double space between the lines.


We sincerely hope that this article shed some light on how the APA title page should look like and how it has to be done. You are now more than welcome to check out some other articles on our website. Wishing you luck with your psychology paper!

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