Some Facts about the APA Style format

APA is an abbreviation and it is decrypted as the American Psychological Association. APA is usually applied for writing academic papers on the subjects of psychology, culturology, sociology, socio- humanitarian and many other sciences. Having read this article, you may better comprehend the main points of the requirements for the writing work, using this style. You might at least get familiar with some information on this topic.

General Information about the APA Style

This will be useful when reading foreign sources, writing a research paper or just for overall development. Here we are going to present you some basic data on the APA formatting style.

 Let us start with the style nuances. APA Style has got a lot of considerable distinction from other existing requirements for scientific papers. This also concerns in part to the list of sources used. Anyone should quickly discover the right information about the articles or books to which you have got references in your paper.

So, you should organize this list, taking into account the alphabetical order. In this case, you ought to pay attention to the first letter of the author`s name. Probably, you immediately have a question: “What if you have to quote several articles by one author?” Everything is logical: the titles of the articles should be written on the list, using the chronological sequence. First, start with the articles that were published earlier.

Moreover, despite any intricate title of the journal or any other publication, you should indicate it completely so, as it is, writing all the capital letters, dashes, commas, etc. It is also recommended to study some supplementary requirements whether you would like to provide a link to a book or a web page.

APA Citation Format

The written paper often includes quotes. You understand that this way you may give your work solidity. Of course, you should use the citations properly and, if necessary. Incorrect quotations can at least irritate the reader of your work. So, you should ask your professor for a consultation if possible.

At first, you need to notice that you should write minimum data about the citation source in your text, as you indicate the complete data in the list. So, the statement is followed by your quote in the text, the author and the year of publication that are written in the parenthesis. This is considered to be one of the most general methods, although it may differ, according to some extra requirements and your purposes.
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The Main Requirements for the Literature List

Well, in order to specify a book, you should list:

  • The author`s last name and initials;
  • The year of the publication;
  • The title;
  • The city of its publication;
  • The publishing company

A quotation from a journal article is made in a quite similar way. You should include:

  • The author`s last name and initials;
  • The year of the issue;
  • The title of the article;
  • The title of the journal;
  • The issue number;
  • And the pages, etc.

Whether you have to refer to the web resource, where the article was published, here are some nuances. In particular, a question may arise about the publication date- sometimes, it may be absent. So, it is advised to define this question more exactly and ask your teacher in advance.

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What to do with the Footnotes?

The APA Style requirements are the minimum use of footnotes. APA recommends that the numbers of explanations should not be put after a dash. However, you may use some other punctuation marks. Well, footnotes may be consecutively written at the foot of the page or on a single piece of paper at the end of the whole work.

So, in order to create a qualitative paper, it is necessary to read it carefully before submitting it: make certain that there are no typos. If necessary, adjust the style and check for formatting requirements. So, take your time and focus. According to APA, it is recommended to limit the title of the paper to twelve words, as it is supposed to be enough. It is usually said that less- is fine, more- is not always good.

 Anyway, it is an important task to create a research paper, so that you may need some professional help. Well, you should act by analogy and avoid plagiarism. If you are interested in the usage of the APA Style, be sure to study this topic further.

In order to understand this formatting style better, use the samples of the papers which were made in this formatting style and follow the analogy. But, please, do not plagiarize.

And now let us summarize some general facts.

Basic Tips      

  • Pay attention to everything from the paper layout to the word choice;
  • Study the APA Style format in detail, there are several extra requirements for the headings, visuals, etc.;

The APA papers may be of different types. The most common are the next ones: the experimental report and the literature review. Then, get familiar with what sections should be included in each APA Style paper type.

As for the APA Stylistics, APA vs MLA Styles describes three general aspects:

  • Point of view;
  • Accuracy;
  • And the word choice

Moreover, it describes, how poetic language ought to be evaded in APA reviews or reports, and, of course, some suggestions and recommendations for each stylistic issue.

What should you avoid?

  • The bias in the language (the questions of race, sexuality, and gender) have to be avoided when writing in APA Style;
  • Gendered pronouns and various descriptors while identifying people in the work. So, try to find some alternative variants.

Supplementary data

APA citation format and creating a reference list may be considered as, possibly, some of the most complex parts in practicing APA Style. So, it is important to study all the guidelines thoroughly and it is advisable not to use too long explanations in the text. So that footnotes and endnotes may be valuable in this case. You can also know that there are two common types of notes: digressive and bibliographic.

As for the information about the reference list, there are also some basic rules and requirements on how to create APA reference entries, to cite different print and non- print materials as well as other essential points.

Well, you should find out further information about the unique qualifications for using the references for electronic sources, online periodicals, emails, scholarly databases, etc.  Moreover, you ought to learn how to use the video or audio texts and the fact that interviews or private communication cannot be added to the reference list.

Anyway, you should study all the material available in detail in order to write a qualitative research paper in APA Style. Try to use the official manuals, handbooks, and other useful materials and samples. Do not hesitate to ask for some professional help, if needed, as it is really an important task to complete. Start practicing and good luck to you!

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