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Virtual Food World – Order online your dream menu

This is fast changing world. Change is only eternal fact of life. With internet on go and on everywhere, it has changed everything. How people order and choose product is for major change. Ordering online or e commerce is making it fast. People are searching for everything online. If they are happy they declare online, if there is anything else, it will be declared in status update. This change in life style has changed everything.

Working women, fast life and internet has changed people a lot. Today people do not have enough time to cook. Because of changes in life style, more and more people are eating out. Eating habits of the peoples are changing.

Order on line food is not just about availability of different menu, it all about knowing what you want to eat, how you want to eat and why they should eat it, served at door. This is complete experience of food and eating where every customer is free to share his taught, his experience and knowledge.

This portal is just not about online ordering, but is all about eating, eating habits and healthy eating habits. On this portal one can get answers to everything related to food and eating

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What is there on the Portal

  • Menu of different restaurant
  • Comparative analysis of calories, taste, services and pricing
  • Comments on quality and taste along with service
  • Homemade foods
  • Party Orders
  • Detail Analysis of each type of food
  • Healthy food
  • Healthy eating habits
  • How to lose weight
  • Chef Corner, cooking guide
  • Put your own cook guide online
  • Food Community
  • Chat and interaction

Menu of different restaurants

This is first thing on plate, feeling hungry, just click it and “n” number of options will roll over. This is fully searchable menu. Every customer can search choice of food here. Search is very easy. With name, food, type and place and many more choice will prop up. This will also provide pricing option and analysis of the food along with quality and comments. This is interesting interactive platform, to make ordering hassle free and enjoyable experience.

Comparative analysis of calories. Taste, service and pricing

This section is for those who want to know more about their food. This is written by experts. This will have detail analysis of each and every food, how they stand with each other. What one should eat and one should not depend upon time, health and weight. These are the healthy notes of food. This will increase interaction of the customers.

Comments on quality and taste along with service

Customer is king. This section is devoted to customers to talk their experience with food. This is basically an analysis by customers. It will have questions the customers will answer. Customers will write their own words based on their experience. This is interactive section which will make the experience unforgettable.

Homemade food

This is very different than normal. This section will cater to the needs of those looking for homemade food. There are many experts who are looking for channels to sell their homemade cuisine. This will cater to the needs of those who want homemade healthy food on regular basis or those who are looking for healthy alternative food. This will also cater to the needs for specially cooked foods for different occasions.

Party Order

This is one where there is lot of potential, customers arranging for small parties need solutions to their need. There is no solution to party orders. Because for parties’ restaurant food may not be economic, or people may like to order different combination for such reason this portal will provide a perfect solution.

Detail Analysis of each type of food

Every food is unique. It has different taste, content and calories. Similar foods made with different processes will have different tastes and calories. This will provide detail analysis of each type of food. Which food has what in eat and who likes it. This analysis needs expertise in food technology, eating and cooking.

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Healthy food

This is 21st century and lifestyle diseases are becoming more and more common among the people. One of the most important reason for these diseases are eating habits, this may be diabetes, obesity, blood pressure, cardiac and yes old age problem. There is no cure for these diseases. Before they come, prevention and after they arrived then diet control and food habits are major solution. This portal should provide detail info on these issues. Every food in raw and cooked form and they effect on body. What are the healthy foods, how to eat and how to manage best food habits will be core of these portals. Customers visiting this portal can enjoy it, put their comments and queries. All questions related to healthy food will be answered on this portal. This portal will provide detail info on which food causes which health problems e.g. chocolate can cause bad teeth in children etc.

Healthy eating habits

When life diseases become very important issue and major issue in developing countries, eating habits plays most important role in these diseases. Not only healthy food but also healthy eating habit are important to health living. Everyone wants trim, slim, good looking and healthy. This cannot come without proper planning and inculcating healthy habits, at the same time controlling ones desires. These habits are at the center of long and healthy living.

How to lose weight

The most important issue in food is how to lose weight by changing food habits and foods. This is possible, yes it can be done with little determination and long term commitment can change everything. It is possible to lose weight using change in food and food habits.

Chef Corner, cooking guide

How to cook, what we like to eat is this portal will show. This portal will have details about all the diseases which are available on menu and many more. It will be everything about cooking. How to cook? And answer is this portal.

Put your own cook guide online

There are many more to eating. Everyone is expert of his own meals and food. This is different. Every taste is different and so are the methods. These common people like to share their cooking expertise, from making of homemade pickles, jam, jelly to baby food. All these will be share by our esteem readers.

Food Community

People like different food, different people like different food. They like to share similar habits and enjoy the life. Definitely there can be a community who likes to eat Hyderabad Biryani, and so is for Pasta. There will be interactive communities based on what people like.

Chat and interaction

Interaction is key to success in social media and internet community. This portal will provide key to success. Chatting will be available to those who want to interact online.

Eating Habits

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