Basic rules to compose a conclusion of an essay

When all the arguments have been illustrated and the main concept conveyed, there is little left to do. It is necessary to check out what you have put down and taken out the leading idea. The final part of the essay should not be neglected, because it is the beginning and the end of the story that is most memorable to the reader. If you write the conclusion without an honest attempt, the reader may get the wrong impression, and all your efforts in writing the essay will go to waste.

You have to understand that the conclusion is not a list of facts. It is not possible to put it off easily, the conclusion needs to say the last word, and it must sound decisive. Another essential thing is to be concise. Do not stretch the conclusion to a few paragraphs, let it be a text of a few briefs, but persuasive sentences. Under no circumstances should new ideas or assumptions be added to the conclusion. The conclusion summarizes, but not provokes the reader to think over new issues.

Each conclusion has its own facets, but there are things you should not forget:

  • Present your reader a new understanding of the thesis by paraphrasing it.
  • Make the main statement of your essay sound precise and convincing.
  • Give your reader food for thought by adding a rhetorical question.

The conclusion is not a desultory text, it is closely interconnected, so to write a coherent conclusion present the main ideas of the text in a somewhat impressive way to leave the reader with a vivid impression:

  • Strike one last punch and make the reader believe you.
  • Prove your position.
  • Create a finished picture of an essay.

Standards of Opinion Drafting

The brevity is the key when it comes to writing a conclusion. No reader wants the final part to be too long, sluggish and tedious. So make sure your essay impresses with its accurateness and hits the bullseye. Thus, you will cut off all the excesses and leave the bare meaning. Short sentences will definitely help you. Their structure should not be complicated. Your goal is not to show the entire vocabulary in conclusion, but to make it as clear and informative as possible.

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When resorting to writing a conclusion, it is necessary to take into account its structure.

It is standardized:

  • First, you mention the thesis.
  • The second part should be devoted to each topic discussed in the essay; make sure that each idea is treated properly.
  • In the last part of your conclusion summarize what you’ve said.

What should not be forgotten is that the number of the main parts of the essay corresponds to the number of sentences devoted to them in the conclusion.

In addition, it is important to remember:

  • whatever the volume of the conclusion is, it always comes after the writer has presented the main material and wants to outline what has been said;
  • beware of the structure, and also of the way you present your thoughts; you may have incredible ideas, but because of your inability to present them you fail;
  • to avoid such problems, be sure to commence from the general information, ending with more detailed information, and in no case vice versa.

Dealing with examples: how to write a good conclusion

Why can’t we ever forget about a conclusion? Firstly, it is one of the main parts of the essay, so it should be written with as much effort as possible. Secondly, readers often do not have time to go into all the subtleties of the text, and they immediately move to the conclusion. So your text must constitute an interesting food for thought. Even if they limit themselves to reading only a brief conclusion, this will only help them if the information is presented correctly.

How many types of essays are there, so many kinds of conclusions can be made.

Each text needs its own final touch. To discover the art of writing a good conclusion, check out the examples listed below.

Composing a conclusion for an argumentative essay is easy

Titanic: leading characters’ comparison

Jack is one of the main characters in the movie. Despite his young age, his personality embodies the features of a real man. Rose was his faithful partner, feminine of the entire film. They are absolutely different, but life has from their lives together.

Secrets of the Second World War

This event left a decisive mark in the history of mankind, but a lot of questions remained open-ended. Scientists all over the world still find white spots in history and try to deal with them. It for sure will help to shed the light on the past and find answers to the dilemmas each of us faces today.

Instagram is ruining women’s self-esteem

Social media makes it easier for people to communicate with each other. However, with the growth of the network, the impact Instagram has on public opinion has drastically increased. The situation is beginning to deteriorate as women, the main users of the network, become vulnerable to the beauty standards that Instagram imposes. It has to stop before it is too late.

Ways to write a conclusion for a persuasive essay

To write a suitable conclusion for this type of essay, there is no need to come up with something new. Simply follow the general structure:

  • Restating your thesis firstly would be a great idea.
  • Demonstrate the main arguments that confirm your viewpoint.
  • The final step is to get your reader to think over what was written.

The strength of your text is not convincing the reader otherwise. You do not need to deviate from your own beliefs. You only have to formulate persuasive arguments, and then briefly outline them in a more abbreviated form.

How to manage with the Analytical Essay Conclusion

Reading an example will help me understand how to complete an analytical essay. In this case, a text about Oprah Winfrey and her impact on today’s world could be considered.

Oprah Winfrey has become an example of diligence and perseverance. Her life story is far from being called easy, but even though she was traumatized as a child, she was able to succeed. Every day, she works to help change the lives of women around the world for the better. Today, hundreds of women are grateful for her help and the example she is setting for the present generation.

Tips to write a conclusion for an Analysis Essay

This type of essay is similar to the previous one, so it won’t differ much from it. All basic ideas must be followed.

Usually, this type of essay is typical for the analysis of a literary work. In this case, the situation should be considered from several viewpoints and the assessment should be made in a hasty manner.

How to: Conclusion for an Expository Essay

If it is important for you to finish the text correctly, you should pay special attention to how to write an essay introduction. Don’t let it annoy you. Change the words in the conclusion, but keep the main idea.

Independence Day is a very important event. This is the main holiday that recognizes national pride for being a citizen of the country. However, it is also a reason to remember all those warriors who put their lives for the sake of national peace.

Conclusion in a Narrative Essay

This is a relatively simple type of essay because you do not need to argue your point of view or give convincing examples. All you need is to describe the events and actions of the characters. The conclusion structure for this type of essay is quite typical. Moreover, this is the standard text we are used to.

Writing a conclusion for an English Essay

When you need to write an English Essay, try to make it easier. The author of the work you are writing about has already given his assessment, and you only need to summarize the main points of the book.

To sum it up

The basic principle you must follow is consistency. You cannot start a conclusion about one thing, but finish it with the development of a new topic. This lacks a feel of professionalism. The conclusion allows the reader to remember the key elements of the story and structure the knowledge gained.

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