The Role of Motivation and Bright Examples

Writing a motivational speech is a very important and popular type of activity. This phenomenon is not limited to scenes in your favorite films and performances of various celebrities at events. Motivation in difficult moments of life is especially significant. Sometimes it can help get out of depression or set others on courage and willingness to face the challenges of fate.

Motivation is an important component of success in any field. In fact, the possibilities of a person are almost limitless, allowing to achieve any goals. A good result depends only on the efforts, in the formation of which motivation plays a role. We have collected several motivational speeches that were formulated by famous and successful people.

Will Smith and His Son

This speech first appeared in 2006. While watching The Pursuit of Happiness, you can see Will Smith playing basketball with his child. In the beginning, Jaden Smith loudly announces his intentions to become a professional player.

In response, Will told me about the insignificance of his own figure in the field of basketball. For this reason, in his opinion, the son also should not experience false expectations.

This phrase leads to the disappointment of Jaden, as his father observes. After that, he says the following: “No one is able to dictate what you can and what cannot. Even me.”

“Protect your dream. If you want something, go and achieve it! ”

This motivational speech is very popular and specific. Despite the fact that in this scene, Will and Jaden act as part of the filming process, they are still a father and son, allowing us to trace the dynamics of their relationship.

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Motivational Speech by Al Pacino

The next example will be the words of Al Pacino from the movie Any Given Sunday. This motivation really leads to reasoning and a desire to act.

The basic idea is to consider the importance of inches in American football, even though they often go unnoticed. Al Pacino talks about the possible tactics that make the team able to surpass opponents, even if the advantage is only one inch.

“The difference between victory and defeat is the sum of these inches.”

This position takes place in any area of ​​life. People who resort to all kinds of methods are more likely to achieve their goals than those who are inactive and silently hope for something.

Even if it seems that you have spent maximum effort and done everything to succeed, but there is still no result, remember the words of Al Pacino. It is the sum of all these smallest aspects that will lead you to the realization of a dream. Similar words are appropriate in the most difficult moments.

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Opening Speech by Steve Jobs

Perhaps in the world, there is not a single person who would not be familiar with the name of Steve Jobs. The speech of this amazing person, who is one of the main figures who contributed to the popularity and success of Apple, is also on our list.

During a speech at Stanford, Jobs talks about the specifics of his entrepreneurial journey, and focuses on the problems that are associated with this process, and talks about ways to overcome them.

The former CEO shares his memories of the times when he left college to attend classes that were more interesting to him.

Among these hobbies was calligraphy. At first glance, this may seem very strange. However, Steve Jobs talks about the relationship between this hobby and the appearance of various fonts in Apple’s operating systems.

“You cannot connect the dots by looking forward. This can only be done by looking back. So you have to trust those points that you somehow trust in the future, ”he says further.

Steve Jobs focuses on the fact that we learn, develop and shape ourselves throughout life. Even if it seems to us that something was wasted, it is not. You decide how to use the information received.

Some Conclusions

We provided information on three very popular motivational speeches that were delivered by successful and famous people. Despite the lack of specific writing guides, we have highlighted several key details that can be found in each of the above examples.

  • Love for your work is an extremely important factor.
  • Missing is not a tragedy. On the contrary, if you learn from your own mistakes and continue to follow the dream, failure will help achieve your goals.
  • The role of desire. Any process and activity can be complicated and thorny. Are you ready to fight? Confirm your words with actions. 

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