How to Write a Hook

Students are constantly faced with such an assignment as writing an essay. And therefore, even if you do not feel like a writer, sooner or later learn how to prepare really good papers. Moreover, today there are a lot of useful secrets and recommendations that will make the writer from any layman. You can use epithets, metaphors, various secret tricks to write a good essay. Be it descriptive, argumentative, comparisons and contrasts, each of these essays should be interesting. Readers need to be hooked. And for this, there are special grabbers.

If you want your essay to be not only high-quality and informative but also interesting, you will have to make an effort. Grab the reader’s attention by the intriguing first part of the introduction. Use exciting hooks for this, and we will show how you can do that.

What is a hook?

So what is called a hook? These are the very traps and techniques that attract the reader’s attention. Usually, they are a sentence or a group of sentences that incite human curiosity. After reading your introduction, a person will think – what next? And this will help you conduct it in your own composition or research work to the very end.

If you use hooks for essays that readers like, you will write a really top-notch essay. It will also show that you are not writing a paper to please the teacher. You know your audience and are guided by it. Good grabbers are obtained from experts in psychology. Those who understand what information people crave.

In fact, there is nothing wrong with wanting to attract the attention of a teacher. If only the mentor will read the paper, catch his attention. This will set you apart from other students. Use your knowledge of psychology, creative skills, information from the educational course and our recommendations.

Why do you need hooks?

You can use grabbers both of your own free will and on the recommendation of a teacher. In the first case, this is necessary if you want to make the essay really interesting. No one wants to read a long boring text. It is for this that we compose for him offline, write an introduction, summarize. After reading the hook, the reader will understand if he wants to read your paper further.

In the second case, this is necessary for your educational process. This is especially important for those who study language, literature, and writing. Hooks show how well you can express your thoughts, attract readers, play their attention. Often you can understand the personal style of the author by grabbers. Only practice will help you develop it.

Types of grabbers

We offer 7 types of hooks, using which you will make your paper simply amazing. Readers just won’t want to break away from her!

Intriguing question

You need to come up with a question that will simultaneously relate to your paper and will catch the reader’s attention. He will continue to read the essay if he wants to know the answer to the question. Most people have such a character trait as a curiosity. And when they see or hear a question, they need an answer. If there is no answer, you need to find it.

Here is an example of an intriguing question on the topic of psychology: What is the difference between introverts and extroverts?

After reading the introduction to the essay and the hook, the reader will want to know who the introverts are, who the extroverts are, what they have in common, what differences exist between them.

Declarative statement

As a hook, you can use a sentence stating your topic. It will show how
important your essay or paper is. Regardless of whether the reader shares your point of view or not, this is a very effective technique. After all, they will want to see how you explain the position, how do you argue for it. Here is an example hook for a student assignment: Studying at a private university is easier and more effective than at a public one.

Readers either support this opinion or want to challenge it. In any case, they become interested in what you think.

Facts and statistics

Such information always attracts the attention of readers, because it is clear, understandable and specific. You will either surprise the audience with your knowledge or interest it with an unusual fact. Be sure to check that the information is true. If this is a serious paper, you will need to provide a link to a study or other source

Metaphor or comparison

Another way to attract readers. People love metaphors because they help to look at things from a new angle. It is not always clear what exactly you had in mind and how this relates to your topic.

For example, you can compare modern life with the freeway. At first glance, it is not clear what they have in common. In the essay, you will explain that our rhythm of life resembles the speed of movement on large tracks.

If your work is aimed at a business audience, use metaphors that it will appreciate. For example, No single cup of coffee invigorates as the approaching deadline does. And so with every type of reader.


People like to read stories, especially written in good language. If you write an essay on a personal topic and you have something to tell about, you can start with your story. This can be an episode from your life or the events of your friends and relatives. This type of hook will not fit in one sentence. But in essence, this is a full part of the essay. You can safely consider it in volume.

It is important to correctly evaluate your audience. Not every collective accepts stories or some of their types.


This is a type of hook in which you use all your language skills to attract the attention of the reader. Such a hook is suitable for narrative essays, but it will also be appropriate in academic papers. When a person reads the details, one is imbued with the situation and wants to know what will happen next. And you will tell them, of course. 


This hook is like a facts hook, just starting with a quote. You can refer both to a famous person and to your friends. The main thing is that this is relevant to the topic. No need to rewrite the phrase in your own words, submit it verbatim. Make sure the quote sounds powerful, catchy and intriguing.

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How to make a good hook

We offer you to consider several necessary skills and abilities that will help you make a good hook:

  1. A clear understanding of the topic you are working with. There are quite a few types of essays and other student papers. Each of them is different in its approach. For example, you can’t write a descriptive or narrative essay using the same methods as while writing a critical one. Therefore, it is important to understand all the features of your essay.
  2. A good outline is an essential moment as it helps to make the structure clear. You will never forget about the core points.
  3. Understanding your audience. Every paper is meant for a particular reader or a group of readers. So you should know for whom are you writing. What do they expect from you, and how can you provide them with that information. It will help you to create a win-win hook.
  4. Understanding the purpose. The nature of your paper defines its character and features. Knowing it, you will come up with a hook that ideally suits the reason for your essay. It is the thing that will help you to choose your tone of voice, style of writing, etc. That’s why your hooks really depend on the purpose.

But it doesn’t mean you should use as many grabbers as possible. Limit yourself with two or three. And there are some simple reasons to do that:

  • Not to lose your readers;
  • Not to increase the percentage of plagiarism.

Even one, but really powerful hook will help you with your goal.

You can use one of two strategies. The first one is to write a hook in the early beginning of your process. And the second one is to come up with it only when you’ll finish the process. The strategies, in this case, will be different.

Writing a hook before writing an essay

  1. Develop a plan. Your paper needs an outline. Following it, you will not forget to highlight the main points, uncover goals, adequately present the content. Thinking about offline, you will understand which hook will help to catch the reader’s attention.
  2. Define a thesis statement. This sentence explains the topic and content of your essay. That is your main idea with which you will work. A good hook will intersect with the thesis statement.
  3. Write a hook based on your article. Make sure that it has intersection points not only with the thesis statement but with all the paper. After all, if you write about serious issues, a joke as a hook will simply be inappropriate. Readers will be perplexed and put off your essay.
  4. Understand your readers. During the brainstorm, you need to think about your audience. What could hook your reader? If you write to your peers, you can use a joke. The professor will like the entertaining fact more. 
  5. Think about the right transition to content. The lead should be in harmony with the rest of the essay. If your paper is about politics, use a quote from a famous world politician.

Writing a hook after writing an essay

Some students are better at writing a hook when the paper is ready. So it’s actually easier to adapt it to the content of the essay. There are some useful tips to consider:

  • Use an interesting fact or anecdote to help readers better understand the topic.
  • As a hook, a joke is perfect if it is appropriate.
  • Make sure that the hook matches the style and tone of your paper, does not look awkward.
  • If your essay is long, make the hook creative and intriguing to make the reader want to continue reading.

How to choose the perfect hook for your essay

There are really many types of hooks, as well as tips for writing them. But there is no one correct formula. Because of this, it is not always easy to understand which hook is worth considering. And here you need to pay attention to 2 things:

  1. Type of your essay
  2. Your target audience

One and the same message can be understood differently if different people read it. What will attract the attention of first-year students is unlikely to seem interesting to the admission committee of your college. Therefore, you should ask yourself a few questions:

  • Who will read my essay?
  • For what purpose will they read my paper?
  • Do they want to have fun or get useful information?
  • Do they already have an idea about the topic or are they just opening it?
  • Are you interested in them as a person? Are personal facts important?

After that, you can better understand the desires and needs of your audience, find an excellent hook for her.

Additional tips

It’s very important to understand that hooks are just a small detail that makes your essay better. If your paper is really boring, no grabbers will fix the situation. Therefore, first of all, you need to focus on content. Come up with a good topic for your essay. On our website, you will find a lot of useful recommendations that will facilitate your task. You can also chat with your mentor and ask for recommendations. Be sure to write an outline for your paper. This will indicate the direction of your path. The introduction should be brief but intriguing, the conclusions should be useful. Examples should be added to the theoretical part.

Another important point is proofreading and fact-checking. Essays are rarely perfect at the first time, especially if you’re not a professional. Therefore, plan enough time to write it, do not start in the night before the deadline. When you are done, set the paper aside for a few days and return to it with a fresh head. Read again, get rid of errors, make corrections. Perhaps the hook will seem unsuccessful to you and these days you will come up with the best option. Ask a friend to critically evaluate the essay.

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