How to Cite a Movie in different Writing Styles?

Well, we need to write a lot of research papers or essays on different subjects. So, it is common that sometimes we have to cite somebody`s work or assignment. In this article, we are going to cover the topic on how to in- text cite a movie correctly. 

Basic Styles of Citation

In fact, there are three general formats, such as APA (American Psychological Association), MLA (Modern Language Association) and Chicago formats. It is recommended to practice each of them so that we have prepared some useful material connecting with all these citation styles.

MLA Style and Its Application

The Modern Language Association (MLA) Style is one of the most widely used formats for document preparation and citation of the sources in the field of humanities. It was developed by the Modern Language Association. The academic style of MLA is used in the USA, Canada, and other countries to create written works on English language, English literature, spelling, research of other contemporary languages or literature, including comparative analysis, literary criticism, media studies, cultural studies, and other related disciplines. 

Published on March 2009, the seventh edition of the MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers was mainly aimed at secondary school pupils, college students, university professors, and many other people. In addition, there are a lot of guides that provide examples of a common format for the MLA research papers, quotations in the text, Endnotes, the Works Cited Page, etc. 

There is also the MLA Style Manual and Guide to Scholarly Publishing (3rd edition) that offers useful information according to our topic.

The Methods to Cite a Movie in MLA Format

Of course, you should get familiar with the reference literature on how to apply the MLA Style properly. This means you ought to study all the available materials and practice citing some sources. And now let us present you a brief overview of an in-text movie citation in MLA Style.

When you should cite a movie in some context or while describing something, you might need to apply a movie quotation. Then, a good option is the in-text citation in the paper. 

You may cite a movie in the text of your paper by following two general ways. The first is to employ the title of the movie as the first element. You can also take the director`s name as the first item.

Of course, you should find out some particular data before you start citing a movie.

Here is a sample list:

  • The name of the movie;
  • The movie release date;
  • The name of the studio and producing company;
  • Director`s and producer`s names;
  • Performers` names;
  • The medium (a film or DVD), etc.

Whether the movie title is the first item, you should begin the reference entry in the works cited page with this name. Respectively, you ought to use the director`s name at the beginning of the reference if you have chosen the second way of movie citation. 

If you would like to in- text cite a movie in your paper, you should use the director`s name and the title of the movie. 

You may use the movie title in the Works Cited Page. So, make reference to the director`s name and the title of the movie, written in the italic type; the words should be collected in the parentheses. 

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How to Make an Entry in the Works Cited Page 

Below is an approximate scheme:

  • At first, you may name the movie title in the start (the italic font style) with the full stop at the end;
  • After the movie title come the words “Directed by”- so, tell the reader the director`s name and add a comma;
  • You may make a list of the main actors following the “Pref.” in the first name, last name format. Of course, you may divide the names by usage of the commas. Please, remember to put a full stop at the end of the list.
  • Now you may mention the year of release and place a full stop at the end. 
  • The year of release with a full stop;
  • A medium of the movie plus a full stop.

You may look below:

007: Skyfall. Directed by Sam Mendes, MGM Columbia Pictures, 2012. Film.  

While writing an in-text citation, you may also look at here:

007: Skyfall (Sam Mendes) has been directed as the twenty- third episode of the movie series about James Bond. 

Anyway, this is only a short general overview of the MLA Style so that you should definitely study some peculiarities in detail. 

Citation in APA Style

The American Psychological Association (APA) Style is used for the research papers that are mainly related to social studies, business, psychology, etc. The APA Style is designed by sociologists and behavioral scientists in order to be applied in the coursework, research reports, technical and economic analysis, literature reviews, methodological articles, etc.

Well, at first, try to find some instructions on how to design APA- Style publications. Look for some information in the bookstore, library, or search the Internet. The official instruction contains detailed information about the specifics of the APA Style, with the most recent editions, having sections on any kind of paper creation.

While inserting the quotations into the text, follow the “author-date” style. To do this, insert the author`s name and year of publication, for example, (Brown, 2010), and the complete title of the work is included in the list of references. 

Using any writing format, make sure that you do not copy your paper and do not plagiarize. As usual, some particular facts, such as the director`s, producers` names, the name of the studio, etc. are required in order to cite a movie on APA Style correctly. 

Please, note that the studio may change if the rights to the movie are bought by another company. However, you may use both the names of the original and the new studios. 

You can also view the credits at the end of the movie or find them in the Internet Movie Database (IMDb).

Here are the main steps on how to cite a movie in APA Style:

  • Refer to the director`s and producer`s last names plus the first initials and divide them by using commas;
  • Add the roles in the parentheses (after the initials), e.g. (Producer), (Director), etc.;
  • Whether one person is a producer and a director at the same time, you ought to mention this;
  • use the ampersand before the last name (if the list has got multiple names);
  • mention the production year in the parentheses plus a full stop at the end;
  • the next step is to write the title of the movie (in italic type) as well as the format has to be used in usual style with the help of the square brackets and a full stop at the end;
  • finally, add the country of the movie production. If there are several countries, you may use the origin of the movie or the country, where it was originally released. So, you should study this point.
  • may use the timestamp in an hour, minutes and seconds format if you would like to emphasize some details. 

You should also study the material on how to make an in-text citation, if you need it, as it has got several particular differences.

Citation in Chicago Style

The Chicago Citation Style defines the peculiarities of the preparation and publication of works in terms of formatting and citation. These and other rules are described in the handbook Chicago Manual of Style. It was first published in 1906 by the University of Chicago Press. The handbook is updated, based on editorial practice and covers everything from American English grammar to the document preparation. This style is applied in some social science publications and in most historical journals. 

The American Anthropological Association`s Stylistic Handbook and the publishing guidelines of the Organization of American Historians are based on the Chicago Manual of Style. Many publishers around the world have adopted this style for their publications. Of course, as in other styles, you should know particular details about the movie citation before you start citing in Chicago Style.

You should check and include:

  • the director`s name;
  • the year of the movie release;
  • the city (and state) where it was produced;
  • the distributor`s name;
  • the format or the medium of its release.

The basic method to cite a movie in Chicago Style:

  • at first, include the movie name (in italic type), put a full stop;
  • then, add the director`s name, middle initial and the last name format, with the words “Directed by”, add a full stop;
  • put the year of release and production (put semicolon then). You ought, to begin with parentheses from this part that you should close after the distributor`s name;
  • include the names of the city and the state of the original production, put a comma after the name of the city and a colon after the name of the state;
  • now you may add the movie format: film, VHS, DVD, etc., remember about the period in the end, please.

Making up a Conclusion

  • you may choose any style of citation, but you have to remember that it is recommended to specify the required style and all the instructions by asking your professor or publisher. Of course, you ought to include the in-text citations in that case when they are really necessary. 
  • you should not repeat the citation many times.
  • sum up, we hope that you will study all the materials, search the official websites and samples available that may help you write all the citations correctly. Here is only some introductory information so that you should study this topic in detail, as it is really important and the style requirements may vary, depending on some particular situations. Good luck to you!

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