The Perfect Promotional Items That Appeal to Men Consumers Essay

Promotional items work for both men and women. However, if your business caters mostly to men, there are several promotional items that are present in the market. You just need to know the immediate needs of your target consumers.

Little boys love their toys and so with big boys or grown up men. You can use this mantra to gain and increase competitive advantage for your enterprise. In promoting your business that caters to men, choosing promotional items is critical to your marketing campaigns. There are various options out there that will improve the image of your company and that will consequently lead to significant increase in sales. Choosing effective gifts that you will give to important clients, valued staff, and target consumers can ensure you massive return on marketing investment.

Several promotional products that appeal especially for men are available in the market. If you are going for a market dissemination approach and you want to distribute many items but as cheaply as possible, you might need to go to events where men gather. It could be trade shows, at sports events, or in a conference where number of men exceeds the number of women.

Here are some of the promotional items that are currently available in the market that will appeal to men:

• Traveling shoe shine kit. Hotels offer different kind of items that a traveling man would be using like an iron and ironing board that would help men to have unwrinkled and neat looking clothes. However, there is no such item that would make their shoes look shiny and clean. A promotional travel size shoe shine kit would be perfect for their needs. They might even give you a warm thank you for making such item.

• Shaving kit. A shaving kit is an item that could be exclusively for men. You can include different kind of products like shaving gel, after shave items, cologne and other items that would help him in shaving. These products are used almost daily and this means that you are going to be remembered by your customers frequently. 

• Golf accessories. Although women also play golf but when it comes to the promotion of products you can use these products effectively for men. These can be golf balls, tees and golf gloves. Every time that they are out of the field they would be reminded of your business. 

• Pocket knives. These items are great for outdoorsmen. This promotional item comes in different sizes that have different tools inside. You can keep the pocket knife as a simple or complex tool depending on your choice. Each time the recipient use it, the company is being advertised to anyone who sees it.

• Tool set. A 19th-century essayist once said: “Man is a Tool-using Animal; weak in himself, and of small stature”  yet, with tools, “the granite mountain melts into light dust before him, seas are his smooth highway, winds and fire his un-wearying steeds.” So with tool set as your promotional item, you are sure to catch your “masculine” target customers.

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