Book Review: Rubicon. A Must Read on Rome Essay

If you’re like me, most of what you know about the Roman Republic comes from Gladiator, the HBO mini-series Rome, and your textbook. You know, the basics. They had a Senate and used the word “veto.” Julius Caesar put an end to it, and was stabbed a bunch in return. A murder we recreate…

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Book Review: The Killer of Little Shepherds

This book is in the same vein of a lot of historical non-fiction I’ve read lately. It follows the path of two people, antagonist and protagonist, superhero and villain, alternating chapters until their lives intersect. This may as well be Sherlock Holmes versus Hannibal Lector. The Killer of Little Shepherds takes place in…

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‘Forget’ – A Love Poem For Eternity

This poem is for anyone who has ever loved and lost someone due to separation or death. Forget the boy who means so much, Forget his lips, his tender touch. Forget his kiss, his loving eyes, Forget the time he told you lies. Forget the long walks in the rain,…

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“Touched : The Caress of Fate” by Elisa S. Amore – a Personal Review

A Quick Summary Book Title : Touched : The Caress of Fate Author : Elisa S. Amore Publisher : Elisa S. Amore Publication Date : February 3, 2016 Page Length : 376 Pages Evan is an Angel of Death and his job allows him to create natural looking deaths to people who had run out…

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