‘Forget’ – A Love Poem For Eternity

This poem is for anyone who has ever loved and lost someone due to separation or death.

Forget the boy who means so much,

Forget his lips, his tender touch.

Forget his kiss, his loving eyes,

Forget the time he told you lies.

Forget the long walks in the rain,

Forget the love that caused the pain.

Forget the falling autumn leaves,

Forget the haunting memories.

Forget his hands so soft, so strong,

Forget the love that somewhere went wrong.

Forget the nights that were so cold,

Forget the things that you were told.

Forget the night he said, “It’s through,”

Forget the dreams that won’t come true,

Forget the days spent in his house,

Forget the kisses on the couch.

Forget the times he said your name,

Forget the times you both did shame.

Forget the times he held you tight,

Forget that one special night.

Forget how much he made you cry,

Forget the night of your last good-bye.

Forget the time he played you along,

Forget he never knew it was wrong.

Forget he said “It’s better this way,”

Forget he knew it wasn’t that way.

Forget the times he said “I love you,”

Forget the times you said it too.

Forget the night that you first met,

Forget the thoughts that you regret.

Forget the calls and the dates,

Forget the very long waits.

Forget he said, “You’re the only one,”

Forget the things that he has done.

Forget he said, “I need you so,”

Forget the night he had to go.

Forget the hurt that’s in your heart,

Forget you ever had to part.

Forget these things and then someday —

You’ll “forget” the hurt you feel today.

This poem was written by the author Camille Gizzarelli.

You can ‘forget’ but the loved one may not be ‘forgotten’.

As time goes by, I find this poem more and more relevant in relation to those people I cared for and how we are now separated due to death or other circumstances.

If you can relate to this heart felt message, I would love to hear from you and your experience with love and loss.

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