Life Coaching – Psychological Triggers that Make Us Do The Things We Do Essay

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Why Don’t We Do the Best Things for Ourselves?

Life Coaching – Psychological Triggers that Make Us Do The Things We Do

We try to think of ourselves as wise, that we know ourselves, that we can read others, and that we have a self awareness about the world around us. Yet, we all do things and we don’t know why. We know what we want for ourselves, yet we don’t always achieve it. We know what is good for us, yet we eat the wrong things. We know we should exercise more, spend less, be more organized, yet we inexplicably falter on our path. Sometimes we are seeking perfection, sometimes, failure, We   don’t always know why we do the things we do. We can be guided  on a conscious level.

Our feelings and thoughts affect our behavior, our habits, and our decisions. Very often we know what we need to do, but we do not always make the correct choices. Studies show that a low self esteem plays a part in poor choices. For example, people may spend more of their money when their self esteem is low. Logically, money is not connected to self worth, but on an emotional level it is.

It is important to understand the psychological obstacles that stand in our way and keep us from making less than wise choices for ourselves. We often impose our own limitations and barriers to achieving more for ourselves. Knowing your own values and principles will help you line up your desires with your needs and help you with the discipline and willpower it takes to achieve beyond your needs and to reach your desires and dreams.

It is your internal drive and self motivation that will take you where you want to go. Life coaching, self improvement, and counseling involve a greater sense of knowing yourself. Prioritize yourself so that your choices lead you to making wise decisions. Evaluate your thinking, your choices, and your values so that you can help motivate yourself.

Self Beliefs Affect Our Behavior

There is a connection with our thought processes and attitudes to our actions. It will help to take note of what you are thinking as you are acting. Inner reflection and self awareness are keys to knowing who we really are and what we want for ourselves. Sometimes people do things that thwart their efforts towards achieving.

Our moods, our attitudes and our self beliefs have a definite effect on our behaviors. Successful life coaching involves understanding your own needs. Feelings of lack of fulfillment requires us to fill the void. People will overspend, overeat, take drugs, drink to excess, or take on risky behavior in a vain attempt to fill the need. Take some time to think about what you really are looking for and what constructive steps you can take to change your circumstances for the better.

Challenging that behavior which is counterproductive and doing things that are constructive through your own life coaching, will lead you to greater satisfaction in all areas of your life from work to relationships.Life coaching for yourself involves understanding your needs and desires.

Irrational Thinking Creates False Beliefs

People have irrational thought processes that lead to irrational behavior. We make connections between products, purchasing decisions, and the clutter of stuff that accumulates around us. In order to get us to buy, advertising marketers use what is called psychographics. Psychographics is the study of people’s lifestyle, views of the world, ambitions and needs.

Advertisers concentrate on these aspects and create psychological triggers that tap into our self psychology. We react without knowing why we are responding to the need and have difficulty staying rational and logical. Even with an ordinary instance like shopping. Shopping, for example is part need, part social, and part entertaining. Malls are designed to keep shoppers in the shopping area for at least 3 hours. Studies have shown most purchases are made in the third hour of shopping.

Music, aromas, and eye pleasing environments create a situation that makes it nice and comfortable to stay in the mall. We think we are wandering around, but we will give in and buy something eventually. We are not even aware that we are doing this. Marketers understand our motivations better than we do. The more selection of products we see, the more likely we are to buy.

Television and movies influence our thinking and our perception of success. Society helps define what we believe is a successful person somewhat by the car we drive, clothes we wear, the jewelry we have, and other accessories that define how we look. Having an air of success gives us clout. Appearing wealthier gives an impression of success.

However, it is mentally healthy to separate the things you have from your quality of life. Measure your happiness with intrinsic values of life, not materialistic things. Intrinsic values are the very things you can’t buy. Live your lifestyle based on what makes you happy, not what you can buy, or what other people tell you to buy. People sometimes buy themselves things because they feel something is lacking and they deserve to have some entitlement.

However, if someone challenges this thinking, they may realize there are other ways help themselves through this feeling. When you take control over your decisions and choices to create more balance in your life. Let your decisions be logical and rational so that your decisions are not based on fear or low self esteem

Grasp the Reigns of Life and Just Do It!

Compensating for the things you lack in your life will not yield the results your truly need. Our history, our psychological makeup, the current goings on in our lives and the roles we play in our lives, add to the complications to creating a sense of balance and emotional well being we need.

People often abandon their New Year’s Resolutions without understanding their deep seated inner messages and beliefs. You need to know yourself so that your efforts match your true self.

The reverse happens when we try to adhere to something we believe we ‘should’ be doing. This can cause frustration and lead to self destructive behavior. To feel healthy and productive and to be healthy and productive we need to understand about our self messages, negative thoughts, and how our experiences impact our inner being. Sometimes it is a matter of unlearning, and sometimes it is a matter of challenging our fears. Life coaching involves looking towards an inner strength. To gain power over your anxieties, fears, and negative messages, will help you gain the freedom to step out of your comfort zone and into a new bigger world for yourself.

It is important to look at the environment you grew up in, the things you were told, and the self image you acquired from the many influences that impacted your experiences. Emotional damage is real, and it affects each of us deeply and in ways you may not even understand.

The only real way to achieve beyond the boundaries you believe are there, is to develop healthy strategies that help nurture your emotional wounds and help you head towards a path of healing and self fulfillment. Many people trap themselves with self destructive behavior and unconscious actions that hold them back from true happiness. Fears and denials, rationalizations, and poor coping skills are harmful to our psychological well being. Self awareness is the key. Shed the shame, guilt, fears and irrational thoughts that rule you.

Encourage yourself to be bigger than you have ever been. Take responsibility for your actions and inactions. Grasp the reigns of life and move forward. It is not easy to go from here to there, but only you can make it happen. So ask yourself, what are you waiting for? Who are you waiting for? When you know the answer, you will see you have been waiting for YOU all along!

We Do Things for the Good and Bad Rewards We Get From It

Changing learned behavior and adapting new ways to deal with life’s obstacles will help you grow emotionally and is an active part of life coaching. Give yourself tools to deal with life. Be kind to yourself, you are all you have. Let yourself feel the smallest of confidence boosters.Let yourself radiate in the smallest of successes. Give yourself the opportunites to know what it feels like to feel good about something you did. You deserve this. Bask in the freedom of self fulfillment.

Everything you do gives you rewards. Some rewards are good. Some rewards are bad. Some people are attracted to the bad rewards because they never let go of how they think of themselves. There are very real and psychological causes for behaviors. Life coaching is a matter of understanding your behaviors so you can make a change for the better.. Change your thoughts, change your behavior. Change your behavior, change your actions. Change your actions and you change your life. Positive thinking will lead to more positive life circumstances and opportunities. You can do it… You just have to realize you want to do it!

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