Essay About Why Is No One Really Changing?

It Is A Rigged Game 

There is a reason for the old saying, “The apple does not fall too far from the tree.”  Because after thousands and thousands of years, by billions and billion of people, seeing and living through life, it is true.  Young people have a hard time seeing it, but as time, age and experience moves along, we turn into our parents at a very deep level.  Along about middle age we start to see our parents when we look in the mirror.  Truth is our life story is pretty much written by age six.  The rest of our time on earth is just waking through it, much like any other caged animal.  Sorry, but that is who it works.

Well what happened to personal choice and free will?  It is pretty much non existent.  Oh it gets worse.  The reason why we humans took over the planet is because we are social creatures.  There are a lot of animals that are social and live in groups.  But we do something special, we are social in large groups.  We get together like no other species has ever done.  Now this has been good for the larger group, but is a killer for any one that is different.  You and I are designed to be what our group is.  The group changes our brain.  We are designed to learn fast, not change and be like those around us.

We Are 4 Things That All Fit Together

Now let’s go back to the beginning.  Our beginning.  Our brain is a electrochemical wonder and we can now track brain ways and see what is going on.  From birth to about two years old we live in Delta waves.  This is literally in a coma operating from ancient genetic programming.  You can see it in our baby behavior.  Human babies sleep most of the time with eyes closed or open.  The brain is taking in information but not really processing much.  You really have no memories from this period in your life.  Right, you were in a coma and living at the Delta wave level.

At around two years old our normal brain shifts gears.  It became more active and moves to what researchers call Theta wave.  Slow but faster than Delta.  We live in a trans like world, interested more in their inner world.  Deep hypnosis is at this level.  We just accept what we are given.  There is thinking brain to question it.  Our care givers have an open door to our brain and load it with every thing that they are.  School teacher see it all the time.  Preschool to the second grade children seem interested to learn and do so quickly, but something big happens when they get to the third grade.

That big something is a shift in brain frequency.  Our brain starts to produce alpha waves.  With Alpha wave comes the end of easy learning and the door is closing.  Now teaching becomes a real challenge because the rational mind has just arrived.  What ever was put in there you will live with the rest of your life.  At this level we have a foot in both worlds.  Part in the inner world and part in the outside world.  The brain is trying to put these together.  This is the time of imagination and daydreams.  New programming takes place but the outside world is becoming more important form six to twelve.

This process is the ancient survival process that make it possible for humans to survive over hundreds of thousands of years and it has never changed.  In prehistoric times a person by the age of twelve became responsible of the groups survival and this stage shifted into Beta.  Beta is the fight or flight wave function.  Learning is over for the most part and there are only three important things.  Food, sex and danger.  If the early training  was good then the person would live long enough to have young and train them to do the same thing.  You and I are living in Beta, but in a modern world.  This is the problem.

Again, we can all see it as we grow older.  We start turning into our parents.  As we grow older we struggle against this process.  Then we become used to it and finally come to depend on it.  We raise our children the way we were raised and the cycle starts all over again.  The only way we humans moved into a modern world is because a few of us never went into full Beta.  They are different.  They are not normal.  By accident they did not follow this ancient pattern and stayed in Alpha, a world the way it should be rather than the way it was around them.  Little by little they changed the world for the better.    

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