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Finding the right topic can be quite time consuming and very overwhelming, sometimes. I’m sure you can agree with that. And then there are those darned keywords – the words that help with your SEO (Search Engine Optimization (how people find your article on the internet.))

Maybe these Writing Prompts will Help!

Two for the price of one! (And one is free, so you do the math.) That’s right, within each of the writing prompts that I’ve provided here, I’ve included a keyword phrase that could help with your search engine optimization efforts.

25 Writing Prompts about Arts & Design

Ideas for your next and future hub(s).

  1. The history of the art, Origami.
  2. Where to buy wedding invitations online.
  3. Your personal guide to knitting.
  4. Free embroidery designs for everyone.
  5. How to find affordable wedding favors.
  6. A review of local art institutes.
  7. How can an arts degree be beneficial to an artist?
  8. What do you know about interior design?
  9. How to apply and get arts grants.
  10. An interview with your local arts council.
  11. A guided trip to your local or a famous museum.
  12. Your interest and experience in culinary art.
  13. How to attain appropriate arts & crafts lighting.
  14. A teachers guide to summer camp crafts.
  15. How camp crafts can be fun for outside of camp, too.
  16. Craft supplies on sale.
  17. Top 10 Art & Craft hubs, in your opinion.
  18. Five best online stores to buy an art supply.
  19. The art of creating activities for toddlers to teens.
  20. How to make your own wedding decorations.
  21. An Ultimate Guide to Flower Arranging.
  22. Weaving straw into gold. (Just checking.) Actually, the art of basket weaving could be a terrific hub.
  23. What Christmas crafts to make at home.
  24. Saving money with making your own card crafts.
  25. Best craft kits for kids.

Write about Autos, based on these 10 prompts

  1. Vehicle financing is an option for those that cannot afford a new (or used) car.
  2. Additional warranties may be available than just standard factory warranties.
  3. Has a previous vehicle been an outright lemon? Right about car reviews.
  4. Is Toyota currently a leader in auto safety innovation?
  5. Cadillac dealerships in your area might need a little write-up by you. It wouldn’t hurt to call them and offer a free article, would it?
  6. Want to sell your GMC? Write an article (or hub) about it.
  7. What are the lemon laws in your area?
  8. Every driver needs car insurance. But what type of insurance? Where should they get car insurance from? Do you have experience selling car insurance? Write about it!
  9. We’ve all seen antenna toppers. Maybe you could sell some if you’d only write a hub or article about the ones you find on the internet.
  10. Saturn isn’t just a planet, it’s a brand of car. Do you own a Saturn? Write about your experiences with your Saturn.

Books, Literature and Writing Writing Prompts

  1. What do you know about Jewish Literature? Can you provide valuable insight? Of course! Remember: “A little information can go a long way”… I have absolutely no idea who said that.
  2. Perhaps you could share with the world your own Epic Poetry. Didn’t know that you could be an Epic Poet? I guess you won’t know until you try.
  3. Creative writing styles vary per person. Whatever your style may be, show off just how creative your writing can be!
  4. Ever wonder if technology and writing can be meshed well? Yup. Thousands of writers produce articles technology based articles, and you can too!
  5. Once you have a fan club, newsletters may be a neat way of sending out your past, current and future goings-on.
  6. Are you a published writer? New writers happen by HubPages daily. A How to Get Published or Getting Published -type hub or article would provide valuable reading material for each potential.
  7. Editing can be quite the daunting task. A How to Edit hub by you could be nice.
  8. What is an elegy? Feel free to write one or ten of them.
  9. Do you know of a bunch of ghostwriters for hire? Share your knowledge.
  10. Read a lot of books? Write reviews about every single book that you’ve read. Sell a copy of it to your audience via Amazon, or ebay at HubPages.

Business and Employment Prompts for Writing

  1. Direct mail advertising: Is it a cost effective form of advertising, these days?
  2. How to use Google Adwords to improve your website’s business.
  3. What have you found to be the best online advertising methods?
  4. Is outsourcing jobs for your company the best route to take with a start-up?
  5. Which affiliate marketing programs have you found to have the best payouts for your writing genre(s)?
  6. Are domain names really that important with marketing?
  7. How to get merchant accounts online.
  8. Which web hosting services at which web hosting companies have you found to give the best bang for your buck?
  9. How did you start your web business?
  10. Can a business get discounted auto insurance?
  11. What is the best way to handle claim management?
  12. Is online training the right way to go if you’re thinking of starting a new business venture?
  13. What drawbacks have you found with e-mail marketing?
  14. Is the pay-per-click revenue model better than the pay-per-impressions?
  15. What exactly is viral marketing?
  16. Best marketing methods for small businesses.
  17. How to use web analytics to improve conversions.
  18. Where to get the best business ideas that will increase profits.
  19. How to write effective and realistic business plans.
  20. Finance advice for start-up companies.
  21. Do you have a blog about technology and innovation? Create one.
  22. How to get investments from banks, family or friends.
  23. Which stocks do you think will be on the rise next week?
  24. Where can you find free information management software?
  25. How to develop effective presentations for your clients.

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