Where Can I Find the Lamp of Hope?

Sophia got out of the car, scolded the children, and run them away. All the shopkeepers in the square were smiling and watching the children having fun.

An old mad woman who was constantly abusing the children who were throwing stones at her and driving her crazy, but when Sophia scolded the children, the woman’s eyes met Sophia’s, Sophia looked into the mad woman’s eyes with Water, grief, prayer, and thanksgiving. Sophia was forced to ask herself this question … 

“Are we training for the future like that? Most modern-day families do not pay as much attention to their children’s upbringing as Islam does. One of the reasons for this is the ignorance of the parents about the things that are essential for the proper upbringing of the children. Be trained.

At the same time, it is necessary to instill fear in the hearts of your children about these moral evils and sins. In addition, the rights of neighbors and relatives, food and other etiquettes, and the fear of God and piety must be instilled in their hearts.

Some of the Biggest Mistakes in Training Children

The first mistake in training.

Overcoming love training. That is, children should not be punished for their mistakes out of love. This is wrong. Therefore, for good training, it is important that love does not overpower upon training.

Another mistake in training.

Mothers and fathers do not do justice to their children and do not adopt an equal attitude. A child is given priority over another child and a daughter-in-law is given priority over another daughter-in-law. However, justice should be done here and all children should be treated with the same love and justice.

The third mistake in training.

They prefer worldly education to religious education and strengthening of faith, although full attention needs to be paid to religious education as well as secular education.

The fourth mistake in training.

Cursing and abusing children, even though the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) strictly forbade it.

The fifth mistake in training.

Being angry at the birth of girls, and being ungrateful to the blessings of God Almighty.

The sixth mistake in training.

Performing bad deeds in front of children, i.e watching movies and dramas of the mother, backbiting, smoking, and lying of the father.

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