Essay About Turks and Caicos – Travel Review

I am not the globetrotter that our editor-in-chief is but I recently tricked a beautiful woman into getting married and that allowed me to get out of New York City and onto the beautiful beaches of Turks and Caicos. We ate like pigs, started drinking at noon, napped on the…

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Tearing Up Old San Juan Essay

Fresh off of my journey to Old San Juan, here is my latest travel run-down. Aside from the obvious pluses Puerto Rico has to offer (you don’t need a passport if you’re a US citizen, direct flights are cheap, it’s always hot, and a beer costs a dollar or two),…

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St. John, the BVI’s, and Kekoa Sailing Adventures Essay

Fried yet refreshed, I’ve landed back in Boston following some time spent on St. John and cruising around the British Virgin Islands. Life seems quite grand as you’re sitting on a deserted island (above) while Tom Brady throws 6 touchdown passes back home. St. John is a small island –…

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Essay About Sant Antoni de Portmany, Ibiza – Travel Review

In the past couple of weeks I was lucky enough to return to Europe for the first time since I studied abroad there in 2007. Although I was going somewhere I’d never been before, it felt like a homecoming of sorts – it certainly reaffirmed my notion that the European…

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San Sebastian, Spain: Travel Essay

Thank god San Sebastian is a mere hour-long bus ride from Pamplona. While the San Fermin festival is centered around a martyred Saint, the city of San Sebastian is centered around a statue of Jesus Christ. And if Jesus is forgiving, let’s just say that San Fermin is something of…

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Running with the Bulls at Festival San Fermin in Pamplona Essay

Four or five years ago, I made a promise to a friend. It was a promise to attend Festival San Fermin, an event more commonly known to most Americans as “the running of the bulls,” when he wrapped up law school. Knowing my friend, it seemed like a long shot…

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Essay About The Real Tampa, Florida

When thinking of Tampa, Florida, my mind always conjured up images of spring training baseball, old people, and strip clubs. While these images may not be totally incorrect, I feel like I got to know the place having spent the last week there. It’s a bit of an unremarkable place,…

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Las Vegas Vacation Essay

As you may have noticed, my blog has been quiet over the past few days — I went to Vegas for the first time, with our New York writer in tow. Luckily, we both survived and the blog will go on. Vegas….is…..wild. While a few of my college buddies had…

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Cruises Florida and the Bahamas Essay

So every now and again I must leave my precious laptop, turn off my cell phone, and leave you all temporarily without the best blog on the web. Vacation vacation vacation, the word is music to my ears. I went on my first cruise, aboard Royal Caribbean’s Majesty of the Seas.…

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Essay About Granada, Spain – Travel Review

When I started looking at visiting Spain, the two immediate candidates were the obvious ones – Barcelona and Madrid. I knew I wanted to see “old Spain” as opposed to a more modern city, and at the recommendation of several friends I decided on Granada. I couldn’t be more happy…

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