Tips to Stop Procrastination from Controlling Your Life Essay

We live in a world of shakers and movers, unless you’re a procrastinator. If you are a procrastinator you’re afraid to move. I use to be some what of a procrastinator, but soon realized you don’t get anyhting done.

Procrastination is a form of fear, we don’t act on anything because we ‘re afraid too. Procrastination is an act of not being able to move forward. People that procrastinate have a mundane life style because of their obessission with procrastination. I learn that the people that procrastinate have two fears, the fear of failing and the fear of succeeding.

If they stop procrastinating and try to fulfill their goals in life, they will become better in all things that they do. They don’t realize that the thought of failing is not a help but a hindrance to their progress in life.

Fear hampers quite a few people, but if they have the tenacity and strength to push forward, regardless of their fear, they will accomplish many of their unanswered goals in life. If we only realized that we have to put aside our fears and just go and do what ever we can in life.

That we wouldn’t have time to procrastinate or think about our fears. We are also suffering from the fear of succeeding in life, which shouldn’t be a fear at all but a steeping stone. We fear succeeding, because of the fact that we would have to move to the next level or next step and we fear not being ready for he next step.

The true fact is, Procrastination stop some people from ever trying and that’s not good because they want be able realize their success, live it and enjoy it.

Tips to Stop Procrastination

But, here are a few tips that might help you handle your procrastination:

1. If you have chores, a job or project to do, force yourself to grit your teeth, get up and getting done.

2.Show procrastination whose boss by grabbing it by the horns, and taking charge of the oppurtunity.

3.Talk to yourself in the mirror about what you’re capable of doing, to help yourself build up your confidence.

4.Always remember this Verse,”I can do all things through Christ which strenghtens me; and get up and do it.

We can do what ever we set our mind to do, once we kick procrastination to the side. We all know that if we don’t try, we will never succeed in life.

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