The Best Sunday Ever Essay

Yesterday marks not only the best day in television history, but also the best Sunday of this young law student’s life. Not only was April 1, 2012 the day of Wrestlemania XXVIII, the second season premier of HBO’s Game of Thrones, and a day where the Celtics beat the Miami Heat by almost 20 points, but it was also the day I sampled the best whiskey my lips have ever tasted.

Prior to Wrestlemania, Rajon Rondo recorded his 5th triple double this season, with 16 points, 14 assists, and 11 rebounds, rocketing the Celtics past the Heat in a 91-72 win. This kid is straight killing it. The Truth scored a modest 23 points, in true Pierce fashion, putting the Garden on its feet. While I watched the game, at a local Somerville watering hole, I was astonished to find that they carried Whistle Pig Rye.

I had only recently heard of this Vermont crafted Rye that has been awarded a 96 by Wine Enthusiasts, the highest rating ever given to a Rye Whiskey. I was dying to try it. This 100 proof, 10 year aged Rye lived up to the hype. I have guzzled gallons of whiskey in my life, of many varieties, ages, and distilling processes, but this was single-handedly the best whiskey I have ever tasted. It is aged for at least ten years in new American oak barrels (Rye that is aged for much longer than 10 years can lose some of its flavor).

Every sip was pure alcoholic bliss, and even at $17.00 a glass, I would recommend anyone that fancies themselves a whiskey drinker to find out the closest purveyor, and start drinking. Visit their website to learn more about this godly liquid and where you can get your hands on it.

By 5:00 pm my day had already been made, but there was so much more to come.

Wrestlemania XXVIII was set to be an epic showdown of legendary entertainers, coming together to annihilate each other between the ropes. The main event, The Rock, vs. Mr.Fruity Pebbles, John Cena, lived up to the hype. The Rock won in legendary fashion in his college town of Miami to 80,000 screaming fans.

The Intercontinental Championship bout between Y2J Chris Jericho, and Straight Edge Superstar, C.M. Punk, although entertaining because of the vicious verbal attacks against Punk’s alcoholic father and drug addict sister, was something of a letdown – it ended with the fan favorite Y2J losing, and Punk retaining his title. But the real event, for those of us who have been watching wrestling since the WWF, WCW, and NWO days, was the Hell in a Cell match between the Dead Man, The Undertaker, and the King of Kings, HHH.

In my 15 years of watching professional wrestling, I have never seen such a legendary match. Two champions of the Hell in a Cell match format competed for almost a full hour. HHH delivered several devastating Pedigrees, while the Undertaker himself punished The Game with his Tombstone Pile Driver numerous times.

Both legends could barely stand by the end of the match, which was special guest refereed by The Heartbreak Kid, Shawn Michaels. In the end it was one final Tombstone that ended an era of wrestling, and finished HHH. With the final 3 count, the Undertaker became 20-0 in Wrestlemania matches, and we saw two of the greats bruised and bloodied like we had seen hundreds of times before, but the end of this match was what was so special. After winning the match, The Undertaker stood over the motionless body of HHH, and his best friend Shawn Michaels knelt at his side, trying to revive the once unstoppable wrestler. 

Michaels and the Taker looked at each other, with looks of understanding and great reverence for what had just taken place, and then both hoisted HHH on their shoulders, and carried him out of the ring and under the Titantron, a showing of respect that silenced the crowd and will be engrained in wrestling fan’s minds forever. But my Sunday was not over. It was time to get my fantasy on.

Last year I would recap the HBO show Game of Thrones every Monday for this blog in a few short sentences. I will do the same here, with the caveat that this will not do the best show on television justice. Last season ended with the exiled Princess walking into a burning pyre, only to come out unscathed, baring dragons. Yes. Dragons.

In the second season premier the land of 7 Kingdoms is engulfed in all out civil war. The good guy from the north, who was beheaded at the close of last season, is rebelling against the evil rich family’s claim to the Iron Throne. The good guy, who was the beheaded guy’s son, is now leading the rebellion and seems to be straight killing it as King of the North. The former legitimate King of the 7 Kingdoms, who died last season, had two brothers, a homosexual intellectual, and a puritanical military strategist, who both now claim rights to the Iron Throne.

The exiled Dragon Princess now wanders in the desert with her baby dragons, trying to survive, while also planning an invasion of the 7 Kingdoms from across the river. It has now been confirmed that there are Zombies north of The Wall, and that they are killing pretty much everything they see. The dwarf (who is not that evil) from the rich evil family is now running the kingdom for his family, and won’t put up with his incestuous brother and sister’s sex and political trifling. Oh yeah, and did I say there are dragons?

That was my Sunday, and I am now hung over from all of the awesome televised stimulus and rye. How was your Sunday?

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