The Arrival of Lost Love Essay. Part 1

Sarah was sitting in the room watching Facebook when she saw Ali’s friend request which had been pending for many days.

At that moment, Ali’s phone rang and he asked how the stone had melted today.

Sarah said a little embarrassed that in fact, you are very good with my mama you fed her burgers…

Ali: Stop, Stop, If it was because of a burger, believe me, I will open his burger and spoil his stomach. I am ordering a burger now and he turned off the phone and ordered three burgers at her address.

When the burger man came, Ali was standing outside. He said, “Bring the bull here and give it to me.”

Frightened, Sarah told his mother everything and explained that his friend’s request was OK because…

Amy said while interrupting, “Well, you are stupid, you are number one.”

Sarah made a face and said Sorry Mama. I would reply to him to … so the doorbell rang.

When Amy went to the door, the burger man was standing and said that this is your order.

Amy replied but we did not give any order so he said Ali has given.

Amy replied well, he grabbed the shopper, then I replied for Amy replied now, how much is the bill?

He said the bill has been paid.

When Amy started saying goodbye, Ali came forward and greeted him. Amy turned his hand on his shoulder with compassion and scolded him lovingly. He said, “What is all this?” He pointed to the shopper.

Ali nodded and apologized.

Amy said it should be the last time now otherwise it would not be good to do such nonsense again.

Ali never spoke while holding his ear.

Good aunty, I walk now

Amy said come in. He came in a little embarrassed.

Sarah looked at the burger and scolded him if he ever brought it back…

He silenced her and said, “Shut up. I have been scolded by my aunt.”

Looking at Sarah’s mother who was taking out the burger plates, Mama said, “This poor man spent so much, you scolded him from above.” Today Mama was making egg omelet anyway that the curry was over and Aunt Nano was hungry and in a hurry.

Amy said why to bring so much. He said one is everyone. The maid has probably gone on a long vacation.

Sarah is her wedding in a bizarrely naive village. Poor Mama has to work so hard.

Ali said, “You do it, don’t do it, you are busy on your mobile all day long.”

Sarah replied well I’ll do it now. Mama says learn everything by the way.

Ali said, “Well done. Learn to cook. Take advantage when there is a great teacher at home.”

Sarah Boli I am also starting to have some hobbies now.

When Amy went to give a burger to Granny, she was a little surprised. Sarah said, ” granny; it is very tasty and even expensive.”

When Amy brought one and gave it to Ali, he quickly said, “No, no, aunty, this is for you.” In my destiny, she was the modest of yesterday who was left. Mama has fed her.

Amy said, “I don’t like to eat such things anyway, but I had to eat it at the insistence of Sarah and Ali.”

While eating a burger, Sarah Ali was told that Mama was just making sacrifices all the time. When things go awry she says I’m not hungry or I don’t like it.

Ali said when her aunt’s son Mr. Green will come. Eating Sarah burgers, drinking coke from above, replied near my wedding. He has told Mama to start preparations and we will try to come soon. She ate carelessly and looked at Ali’s face. She felt the shadows of grief on her face and was shocked.

Nano went to the washroom and after a while, his scream came. When everyone ran, Amy tried to open the door, but it was locked from inside and Nano’s groaning was coming from inside.

Amy said anxiously. He also told you not to lock. And that’s not even the key. Replied Ali to break this lock.

Ali said I will quickly bring the toolbox from the car. And Ali also started calling the doctor. He also called David’s uncles.

Ali opened the lock with great difficulty and tried to break it, which was rusty due to old age and was having difficulty. Amy and Sarah were comforting the crying Nano and the sound of their groaning was fading. Amy is also called Green brother’s aunt’s son. He also got upset and said please call a plumber who will open the door. Don’t worry Amy consolation replied is just opening.

Aunt’s voice was muffled. David had brought the doctor. Amy rushed to open the door. David was standing in front of the doctor.

Amy asked both of them to come inside. The door opened. David told Amy to go inside first. She went inside quickly and then called him inside. She gave loud voices to her aunt. She was unconscious. David and Ali laid him on the bed. The doctor gave him first aid and told him to take him to the hospital immediately.

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