Essay About Mariano Rivera: Goodbye, Sandman!

Earlier this week after watching the Giants fall to 0-3 with a dismal performance against the Panthers and the Yankees eliminated from playoff contention, I muttered to myself “I hate sports.” For months I looked forward to football and for months I invested myself in this bad Yankee season – what did I have to…

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Mayweather vs. Ortiz – The Real Intrigue Essay

“All I gotta say is one thing …” Floyd Mayweather Jr leans forward. He’s talking to HBO’s Max Kellerman and sitting directly across from his next opponent Victor Ortiz. “…what I always tell them…” The cocky smirk makes the days thousandth appearance and the Mayweather haters brace themselves for what’s coming…

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Manchester United vs. New England Revolution Essay

Last week the reigning English Premier League champion and soccer icon, Manchester United, visited Foxboro for an exhibition match against the New England Revolution. I was in attendance for what was likely my only opportunity to see Manchester United play live. Although some players were absent, and others played sparingly,…

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Essay About Top 5 Power Forwards In NBA History

Dominance in the paint and defensive presence. Power forwards are primarily known for these skills. But there are some players that revolutionized this position with their athleticism, unlimited range and leadership. Without further ado, here are Sports Blog Catalog’s Top 5 Best Power Forwards of all time. Top 5 NBA…

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Essay About Top 5 Greatest Shooting Guards in NBA History

Most of the time, Shooting Guards are the Go-To-Guys of a team in terms of putting the rock into the hole. They are primarily known for their awesome scoring skills (Isolation plays or Team set plays), lockdown defense, crazy three point accuracy and their ability to fire up the crowd…

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Essay About Top 5 Greatest NBA Point Guards Of All Time

But today, we see point guards evolving and they look nothing like their predecessors. Just look at Steve Nash and Golden State’s Marksman, Stephen Curry. Both can dribble, shoot, pass, drain trifectas like crazy and finish tough shots. So, what makes them different from one another? The answer is this. Stephen…

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What Fantasy Football Can Teach Teachers Essay

The start of the NFL season this weekend brings about the start of Fantasy Football. The growth in popularity of fantasy sports has been insane. More than 50 million adults play in fantasy sports leagues, the majority of those being football.  Fantasy Football started back in 1962 in Oakland, when some die…

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