If I Could Only Change My Past Essay

The past

What is today becomes past tomorrow. We usually tend to forget that and regret our actions later on in life. Every one of us has a past which they would like to amend. They say you cannot change your past but what if we could roll back and change all the wrongs and do the course corrections? Nothing better than that.

What I am trying to post here is something related to my past. I have come to a stage in my life where I can feel a bit of stagnancy. Both professionally and personally. I cannot compete with the so called younger generation and my children have grown up to take care of themselves. So it is time to do some retrospection.

it is important to have ups and downs in life. With every success we become buoyant and want to go ahead in life. Similarly with each failure we get a chance to sit back reflect and make new strategies. But when we are young we dread the word failure. We are only concerned about results. We don’t like coming even close second. We use all means to be successful in life. We have different measurement for success at that time. And to achieve it we sometimes end up the wrong route.

If Only I could change my past

They said..Don’t look back think about your future

Tomorrow is what you need to nurture

But history is something that will repeat

That is a fact which no one can beat

So I looked at my past

To learn from the mistakes I did last

What I saw made me sad

So many of my decisions were irrational and bad

So many opportunities went waste

Just to compete that silly race

I was always in a haste

I always asked forgot to give

Only wanted to live and and not let live

Success was my only goal

Behind it I put my heart and soul

Always thought of profit and gain

Let virtue go down the drain

Now when I look at that stage

There are so many things I would want to change

And think in my mind Alas

If Only I could change my past

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