How To Write A Reflection Paper From Scratch

Don’t be surprised if your professor assigns you various academic papers all the time. Regardless of your major, it is necessary to develop solid writing skills that will be helpful in your future career. You need to be able to formulate your thoughts in a clear manner, interact with different audiences, experiment with literary techniques, etc. One of the most common assignments you may receive is to write a reflective paper. 

It may sound challenging when it is your first time. However, the more you work, the deeper you delve, the better results you get. It would also be a good idea to ask for professional advice from people who are experts in reflective paper writing. We are going to show you that this task can be easy and interesting. Rely on our tips and get the most out of them!

What Is a Reflection Paper? Start With the Basics

Each time when your professor assigns you a task, you should start with the basics. Read your instructions with a keen eye to understand what result you have to provide. You can’t write a decent reflective paper without any single idea of what it is.

It is a type of academic paper where you share your opinion on a specific topic. Moreover, you should support your point of view with your observations, examples from your life. You can get it from the assignment’s name, “reflection” is about your feelings and ideas. 

If your professor didn’t provide you with a list of topics, you should choose it itself. Think about themes that interest you and that you have some knowledge about. It will make the task easier, and you’ll stay motivated during the writing process. 

Don’t Ignore the Required Reflection Paper Format

Along with the task title and list of topics, your professor may assign you other reflection paper format details. It goes about the number of pages, the citation style, the specific structure, and so on. Writing a reflection, you have to adhere to these requirements because they will affect your grade. 

Typically, these papers consist of 400-800 words. If you have to make it short, try to convey your thoughts briefly, to share the main idea of your reflection. When you see that it is necessary to write at least a couple of pages, you can delve deeper and cover the topic from different angles.

How to Start a Reflection Paper to Attract the Audience?

All papers, without exception, have an introduction. It is the very first chapter that is used to warm up the audience and to get it prepared for the main content.

When it comes to a reflection paper, you can summarize your thoughts in this section. Introduce your topic, and list aspects that impressed you that much. For example, if you’re going to reflect on some article, write about how it actually affected you. 

Has it changed your life or mindset? What were the obstacles when you read it the first time? The second strategy you can use is to provide some background information. What was your point of view before you read that article? Does this content relate to your previous experience?

Try to write an introduction in a creative manner. Use metaphors, descriptive adjectives, and other literary techniques to get the readers hooked with your writing style. 

How to Write a Reflection Paragraph to Create a Powerful Paper?

Reflective paragraphs are the main body of your essay, and you should approach them appropriately. Remember that your content should be well-structured, so develop the outline in advance. 

Writing this part, make sure that you use one paragraph for one reflective idea. Don’t mix them because it would look really messy. Of course, it doesn’t mean that you should create 20 paragraphs when you feel you have enough to write about. The most complicated task is to choose the 3-5 ideas and to develop them. 

Consider using logos, ethos, and pathos appeals depending on your topic and the target audience. Don’t forget about examples that illustrate your thoughts. You can refer to movies, books, art pieces, historical events, stories from your life, etc.

Once you have finished the main body, reread it to make sure you’ve written exactly what you wanted to say. If you’re not sure, ask your friend to provide you with feedback and use these insights to make your paper better.

How to Get the Most Out of the Reflection Paper Example?

A reflection paper sample can be a good idea when you’re procrastinating trying to write a single sentence. It can be your inspiration when you need it that much, so look for such samples online and choose a couple of the most appropriate ones.

However, the content that is written by other students or even professional writers is not necessarily helpful. Actually, the result depends on your approach. If you just read the paper and copy its parts, you’ll write just another paper that can even be plagiarized. Never use sentences or paragraphs from other works until you’re ready to risk your grades and reputation.

It is necessary to analyze samples, to define what good and bad features they have. Consider them to be the textbooks that you can learn from. And don’t read too many examples because you shouldn’t bother your brain to generate your own creative ideas. 

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