Essay About Aurelian the Great?

Everyone knows the great emperors of Rome: Augustus, the five “Good emperors,” Diocletian and Constantine. That’s about it right? The rest fall into two categories: Fascinatingly Crazy or Mindnumbingly Boring. For a few years I did an Emperor Project as part of the study of Rome, and let students choose…

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The Tulsa Race Riot Essay

The Tulsa race riot is the largest in American history and one of the least well known. Tulsa, Oklahoma had what many called the most financially vibrant black district in the United States.  It was known as “Black Wall Street” until a race riot burned it down in 1921. The spark…

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Essay About Gamifying History

I love turning points in history. The type of battle or event that if it had gone the other way would have resulted in a totally different world. Things like Thermopylae, the Battle of the Midway, and my personal favorite the Spanish Armada. The Spanish Armada is so cool for…

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One Crazy Reason Why The Renaissance Happened Essay

The Renaissance happened for a lot of reasons, but one factor that helps explain the intense curiosity of the era often gets overlooked. Imagine on your daily drive to school you passed giant, ancient structures so technologically advanced that no one alive today could replicate them. In my mind I picture tall towers reaching…

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Essay About Cincinnatus and George Washington

Part of our job is helping our students see the connections from past to present. It’s always nice when the great figures in history do it for us. George Washington needs no introduction to you. Our commander-in-chief, first Constitutionally elected president, crosser of the Delaware, endurer of Valley Forge, first in our…

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Stuff The History Teacher Didn’t Know: Medieval Animal Trials Essay

You can get a good idea of an event in history from this summary - feel free to use it for your essay or to see if you like writing about the topic. But if you don't have time to read it all, but you still need an essay, use…

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American Red Cross History Essay

The American Red Cross history begins on May 21, 1881, when it was founded by Clara Barton. Read some fun facts about the American Red Cross here, plus a brief history about the organization. The American Red Cross history has to begin with Clara Barton's birth in 1821, since she was the founder of the American Red…

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Essay About Who Were Americas Founding Fathers?

Who were the Founding Fathers, and what were Americas founding fathers like? Historians may disagree about a complete list, but most would agree that these men were founding fathers of America. John AdamsSamuel AdamsBenjamin FranklinAlexander HamiltonJohn HancockPatrick HenryJohn JayThomas JeffersonJames MadisonThomas PaineGeorge Washington These men are famous and important people in American…

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Essay About Unguarded Border

On 1 September, Prevost sent his army across the unguarded northern border of the United States at Rouses Point from their assembly point at Chambly, Canada. A single column was inhibited by the narrow dirt road that, according to Commissary General William Robinson, was nearly impassable. It was getting worse…

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Fought Pirates Essay

The young American naval lieutenant Macdonough had a wealth of experience. He had fought Barbary pirates and had seen action against the British at Gibraltar. He was well known for facing down a Royal Navy captain who had attempted to impress a sailor from an American merchant ship. Saratoga, his flagship, was…

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Essay About Badly Led

The American Army, a descendant of the Continental Army of the Revolutionary War was tiny, ill-equipped and badly led in 1812. It was insanity to declare war on England, the most powerful nation in the western world. The American regular army would come of age during the disasters of the…

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War of 1812 Essay

That water was recognized as strategic as early as the French and Indian War. It has been a highway not just for exploration and trade, but has served as a military flash-point. In 1758 and again in 1759, the British and French tussled over French Fort Carillon. Once taken by…

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