Essay About Your Home in the Vast Sky – Stellar

Charlotte’s feet came against the rustling grasses up above the hill where she claimed it to be a rendezvous for solace. The lady went that far to meet her friend named Sheen in which she barely sees. It is cold night indeed, and the air that gushed her hair seemingly adores its silkiness as it swayed to the rhythm of winds. Her aesthetically beautiful visage became more than it usually looks as soon as her eyes are set towards the howling moon embracing the darkness of night, it shined brightly as she always suspected. Gladly, the one she longs to see currently revealed herself, and the moon scarcely mattered since that very moment.

“There you are, Sheen. I have beheld of you once again, at long last!”, Charlotte lovingly exclaimed. She carefully sat over the grass to rest her spine against the strong bodice of an archaic tree, leaving her dress scattered to wherever possible it may land. “I wondered if you missed my presence, eh?”

No response.

It has always been that way since she tried reaching out to her confidant; to Sheen. No talks have been reciprocated despite her great effort to communicate. Charlotte has been submissive for this fact but needless to say, the joy of talking with her is greater than of being plagued by much crowd and feel the overpowered pariah from their ignoring scheme. She’s unaware of where does this bond came but the presence of Sheen became a medium of sedating the chaos clashing inside her head. Charlotte believes that she’s her peace from everything that wearies her being, hence, she clung her hopes to Sheen. Charlotte wanted more of her as well, to live together if possible and ran off away from the burden that weights. Charlotte deeply sighed to draw out the conviction that tries to escape intrinsically. Sometimes, she felt being nosy talking about random things to her, nonetheless, Charlotte does anyway. 

“By the way, I tried to sneak one time because I badly wanted to see you. But the sky must detest our meetings, I think.” Charlotte laughed, left amuse by which normal people can barely muster if humorous.

“Every night I ask the deity to allow me to behold of you, I guess they permitted me though. But the moment my feet stepped out over the pavement, the clouds darkened and later sends me her anguish by pouring out her water of tears.”

Silence then fell after Charlotte’s discourse of sincere disappointments. Her eyes wandered away to where the eyes she has are capable of seeing, savoring the scenic photograph of nature that revealed night time when half of the world is asleep. But among them all, Sheen is way more majestic to look at. Charlotte never failed to stare on Sheen like her presence is momentarily and never lasting.

“How can you be this ethereally beautiful?” She stared at her even more. “You’re too extra for that term. It aches me, Sheen.”

Charlotte stretched out her arms trying to reach her but to no avail. So close yet so far, nonetheless she’s used to it. She’s in utmost gladness having the privilege seeing Sheen close like she had now and it’s sufficient to keep going. She must be destined to behold a beautiful wonder from the depth of her heart but never will have the chance to hold it close. Probably that’s how life balances the upper hand and commoners to emphasize their profound differences. It saddened Charlotte much, but seeing Sheen as nobody else does is making everything alright. Sheen is exclusively for her, that’s the only consolation she grasps to concede on the inability of touching her sole friend.

Charlotte paid a sweet smile and lift herself from the bed of grass. She checked out the wristwatch, mildly agape from the time struck on the clocks’ hand.

“It’s already midnight so I must go.” She stared at her once again, taunting her to speak back but failed. Sheen will converse not with her, Charlotte thought calmly. “I’ll see you once again when the sky will not deprive me to meet you, Sheen. Farewell.”

Charlotte traveled back solemnly towards the village of her birth. She cradled herself beneath the sheets of her bed and turned off the lampshade. As the call of slumber devoured her body and thoughts, Sheen, her friend peak on the window to look at Charlotte’s face. Sheen twinkled from above as an acknowledgment of every word Charlotte had spoken on her. She heard Charlotte, but she’s deemed to be a light year away from an uncalled friend. She’ll be infinitely seen from above and Charlotte can ultimately watch her in the multitude of distance until the last leaf of the lady’s comes to sunset.

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