Essay About Princess Leila and The Magic Room

Princess Leila was the only daughter of the king, so the king and queen loved her princess very much. She was not only very pretty but she was also good at heart and behaved best. Her tenth birthday was approaching the king thought that he would give her a very nice gift on this birthday. I noticed one thing Princess Leila liked to live in the garden, play, jump and read. The garden was also very beautiful. There were a fountain and a very nice peacock displayed in the window. also very beautiful. There were a fountain and a very nice peacock displayed in the window. also very beautiful it had water. There were a fountain and a very nice peacock-displayed in the window. also very beautiful. There were a fountain and a very nice peacock-displayed in the window. 
The great architect called Sher Afgan and ordered him to prepare a room for Princess Leila in the garden that the princess would be pleased with Sher Afgan said, “Where refuge – your command over the eyes for the princess.” I will make such a wonderful room that whoever sees it will not be able to praise it even the princess will not blush with joy ” On hearing this the king’s lips smiled so the princess’s birthday was near. The work of making room was started immediately – many laborers were engaged in the work and construction of the room was being done day and night – during which time the king’s neighbors. The king of the country requested that he want to make some changes to her room immediately many laborers were engaged in the work and construction of the room was being done day and night during which time the king’s neighbors. The king of the country requested that he want to make some changes to her palace so Sher Afgan was sent to his country for a few days.

The Lion Afghan was such a good architect that his reputation spread far and wide he had a great reputation in the best construction of the buildings the King refused this request and ordered the Lion Afghan to go to his friend the 
King. Get the job done The princess’s room has a bit of work left in it Sher Afgan instructs the majors and laborers a few steps about the work and is gone – the day before Princess Leila’s birthday, the room was all set.

When the king inspected the room, he was very happy.

The room was built of precious wood of silk it felt a refreshing coolness upon entering and the wood used in the room had a nice aroma there was only one window in the room, the upper part of the window. But small metallic colored 
pipes were hanging on the metal – when the air entered through the window, it would collide with the pipes to produce the sound of rustling.

It used a special technique that the king did not understand, but he could not live without giving a tiger to the Afghans the room had a small, precious and beautiful bed with silk pillows three small ones. The chairs were placed around a table – there was also a small wardrobe in the corner when the princess saw such a beautiful room, her happiness began to appear from her eyes – she thanked the king for her birthday. Has made such a wonderful room.

Her birthday was celebrated with much fanfare, and ministers and nobles attended with his wife and children. On the birthday the princess’s room was handed over to her. The king did not object to this he called the soldier’s officer and directed that the guards be deployed outside the princess’s room. This officer set twelve soldiers to guard the princess’s room. After dinner Princess Leila comes to her new and beautiful room with the King and the Queen.

The king and the queen were also pleased to see him happy after sitting for a while, they both went back to the palace and the princess came to the window and looked outside. Flowers were open trees were fruiting it was night because all the birds had gone to their nests if it was a day, the princess would see them screaming too seeing this beautiful view of the garden from the window. She was awake after some time she got to sleep and she came back to her bed. 
she got up and looked out the window but what? From the window, she saw a river flowing near the palace.

She also saw boats floating in the river the fishermen riding in them were busy catching fish. A cold wave of wind hit into the princess’s body she well remembered watching the garden in the window before going to bed. She remembered the flowering plants and fruit trees she had seen how she was amazed and disturbed by the view of the river from the window – she quickly put on her shoes and ran to the king. She came and told the king the whole thing. “Father you see yourself running not believe me. He grabbed her hand and brought her with him to the room – The soldiers were guarding the room. They saw the king and bowed to him – the princess and the king when they entered the room. A little scream went out from the window he was now seeing the hills near the palace numerous bushes were growing on the hills, and a few shepherds stealing their flocks there. “Daughter you were saying that the river is visible from the window but it is the hills, ” The king said to the princess” The river was visible at that time, “The princess said helplessly ” Let’s go to the palace now.

It’s time for the court too here we will come again later “The king compassionately shook her head at the princess, and the princess sank into thinking that she had walked with him reached the palace and the king went to the court 
The Princess told the whole story to the Queen was convinced that the Princess did not lie she wondered what was the matter. After a while, she said: “I am feeling a little wrong – now you are not alone in this room.
The princess herself was scared she didn’t even want to be in this magic room – before the evening was over, the king was done.

He took the queen and the princess with him and came to this mysterious room when they arrived, the king also had a thing he remembered well that morning when he entered the room with the princess, There was a water fountain in front 
of the door now Peacock’s cage was visible in front of the door. The king did not mention to the princess that he should not be afraid to hear this when they arrived in the rooms. The window view had changed and the flowering plants in the garden were visible.

Father, did you see that I was telling the truth? Walking around until we find out what the matter is. It is our order that the room is locked and the keys handed over to us.” The king’s order was immediately obeyed the princess’s 
The key to locking this new room was presented in the service of the king thought that the lion would talk to Afghans in this regard.

He had gone to work in the neighbor country by his friend of the king, so the king waited for him. A week later the lion returned, the king called him immediately he appeared and he tied his hand. The king said, “You have made the princess’s room very nice but one thing we are worried about is that after a while, the direction of it changes sometimes a window appears in the garden, sometimes the hills and sometimes the river. What is the reason? ” Sher Afgan
folded his hands and said,” Your Majesty According to your intentions I thought of making an unprecedented room for the Princess a few years ago. The country had been there in Egypt saw the horse yesterday.

If he was a horse, he was of wood, but iron bars, etc., were placed inside him and he had spare parts in his horse for running, which caused him to run away. I took some time to learn a lot about this skill When I started to make the room for the Princess, I thought I would try the knowledge I had learned from Egypt here. Put then on piles of iron and brass and attach them to large piles of sticks on the floor outside the room.

Soldiers outside the room are busy patrolling all the time, and during this patrol, their feet are sloping, so the room is constantly moving and scenes from outside the window are changing I have to leave here all of a sudden. Otherwise 
I would have told you these things in advance “The king was very impressed to hear this “Lion Afghan you are very capable and talented we are proud that there are people like you.

All this is the perfection of education which is why you say that it is very important to get the knowledge it brings good ideas to the human mind and by putting these ideas into practice they work for the good of the people of the world. 
Can the King ” the king cheerfully awarded the Lion Afghan with lots of rewards – then he also informed Princess Leila about the room.

The princess’s fears were relieved as she heard this detail and she happily stayed in this revolving room of the garden – one thing is important to mention here there is no greed at the capable and good people this is what the Lion 
Afghan He did not keep the prize to himself when he received the prize from the king he also distributed the prize to all those who helped him make Princess Leila’s room. They were happy too. (End of the Story).

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