Essay about Pollution Crises In Urban Areas

Pollution Crises In Urban Areas


Pollution means harmful environmental contaminants and the phenomenon of polluting the surrounding areas. It results mainly due to actions of human beings. A large number of products that are used by human, are regarded as pollution because they precipitate negative effects on our environment. According to The Environmental Protection Agency, pollution means the presence of such substances that disturb normal natural processes and normal life of organisms. Such substances cause undesirable and unpleasant effects on environment. Pollutants cause adverse effects due to their chemical composition or quality and thus cause health effects.

Urban Areas

An urban agglomeration or urban area, is a human residence with infrastructure of built environment and large population. These areas are categorized into cities, towns and conurbations. Thus urban pollution means pollution that is experienced by people living in urban areas.

Causes of Pollution

One of the major reasons of pollution in urban agglomeration are modern technologies of 21st century such as automobiles. The chances of pollution increase further when low quality petrol etc. are used. Automobiles exhaust many harmful gases like carbon mono dioxide that severely effects respiratory system and causes asthma. Second cause of pollution is power production technologies such as burning of coal, fuel production and industrial waste.

Some of the examples of pollution include blooms of algae and resulting bad odour. When industrial waste are thrown in rivers and lakes, they severly impact aquatic life. Such substances increase water pollution.

Types of Pollution

There are many forms of pollution but some of the traditional forms are water pollution, air pollution and land pollution. Others include solid waste pollution, light pollution , noise pollution and ship pollution etc. Serious pollutant sources include nuclear waste dumps, regular garbage dumps because many poisonous substances are dumped illegally and chemicals that are sprayed on plants for a variety of useful purposes. All of these pollutions are majorly found in urban areas.

Results of Pollution

Hence, pollution plays a role in causing large number of dangerous diseases and infections such as lupus, cancer, allergies, immune diseases and asthma.

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