Essay About Life Observations

Simple man life observations

Welcome to our article (18), ‘Our life observations’.

Dear readers, what I am writing here are my life memories and observations, which bring me to another observation. You see, we have to learn from our life, before we can say these things; for instance, what I am doing now: Well I am writing my own life observations in this article, we will call this part, simple man life observations; and then, we will break my writings in several sub titles, like the following, observe and learn from life, let me talk about my childhood and my childhood pains; one can still learn from the hurting part of life, we need to be positive.

Anyhow, as I have said, we have to observe and learn, and then we can use our observations to guide us during our life; our observations of life are like our shadow that follows us everywhere we go and it never fails, so, let us learn from life by observing whatever happens around us. I know that sometimes we want to forget what has happened to us, because it is painful to recall, but even those painful memories are worth remembering, because they can teach us how to avoid them next time.

Looking at the ways that we are living today, we can say that it is better than it used to be; but at the same time, living today is not as simple and easy as it used to be; because of the changing ways that progress has brought with it, therefore, living our life today is complex, it needs to be looked at closely, even if it is a life of a simple man like me.

You see, in the old times it was easier, because life followed the same pattern of the generation before, so, it was easy to copy the previous generation. But today is different, because things are changing quickly, so, we must change if we want to keep up with the times.

Today ways of life are not as easy as they used to be, so, when we think about the beginning of our lives, we see that it was different from today. Having said that, now, we must observe what can be done about it; of course, the best way is to plan how we want to live our life.

But even if we plan well ahead, there are times during our life when we must do whatever is most appropriate, to survive and thrive, and be able to earn our living. Therefore, even if we have made up our mind, and we have decided that we want to study, or we want to learn a trade, or do something special during our life, it may not happen the way we have planned it, because life events can override those decisions, so, we may end up doing a different job, or being something else other than what we had planned to do in the beginning. But then because these things happen we learn from life what we need to do and we do them since that is the best way to solve the problem. You see, we need to observe and lean, it is necessary to do that even if it is done to survive those times that we happen to live in.

We should observe life events and learn from them

We must accept life the way it comes, because that is the only thing that we can do; we must do it without upsetting ourselves too much; I am saying this because, during my life I have had a few of those life experiences that are not the best; but I could do nothing to change the outcome, so, I had to accept them and live the best way I could.

Today, I am looking back at my life that I have lived, and I am thinking that I have lived the most important part of my life. You see, I happen to be in my sixties while I am writing this page for the first time; so, I can look back at my life and wonder at the great changes of lifestyles that we have been living in this present era. While I am looking at these changes, I also wonder at the events that have changed our lifestyle, and how it has been happening and keeps happening and changing even now while I am writing this article. You see, life is never still, only dead things keep still and don’t move.

Therefore, right now, I am wondering why I am writing this article, because writing articles is new to me, it is another lifestyle change, which has been brought about from those changing life events, you see, when I was young I could never have guessed that one day I could be writing something and publish it in something called the Internet, and I would be writing in a language that is not my native tongue.

All this has happened to me, because there have been lots of changes since I was born, there were life events that have changed my lifestyle during my life, so, they have forced me to change and to adjust with them as required; and it was one of these changes during my life, when I felt the need to start writing, so, that I could fulfil one of my emotional personal needs. And in doing so, I have written a few things, which I would very much like to preserve at least for the time being, even if I wonder whether my personal articles are worth to be saved.

But here I am talking about my own personal writings, and even if they are worth nothing to the rest of the world, they are my personal writings and my experience of life, therefore, I want to keep them forever while I am alive. Anyhow, here are my life events and changes, according to the observations of my life, as it evolved starting from when I was a child, so, let me talk about my childhood and the problems that I went through when I was young.

Talking about my childhood

Let me write a record of my life, starting from my childhood, I was born near the end of the year 1938, and that is before the Second World War started. I was the second child in my family, my brother is only fourteen months older than myself, and for my parents my birth was too soon after their first born. They wanted more children of course, but they wanted them to be born more far apart; so, I was welcome and unwelcome at once, this is the way that I have understood it.
I was born a good healthy boy, but in those days medicine was not as advanced as today, so, they didn’t immunise children as much as they do today, because of this lack of knowledge I did not receive Whooping Cough immunisation as a child, so, I caught the Whooping Cough, and although I was lucky and survived it, since then I have kept coughing on and off for the rest of my life; the Whooping Cough most of the time leaves this condition to whoever caches it for the rest of their lives, at least this is how my mother has explained my coughing condition to me.
Another health scare and a scar happened when I was three or four years old: I was playing with my brother who was older than me by one year plus, and while we were playing I don’t know why he hit me with a heavy boot in my face; so that, my nose started bleeding, and it bled for a very long time, that even my parents were worried, they tried everything they knew and somehow they helped me stop the bleeding, but since then my nose has been bleeding very easily.

My nose bleeding has been a problem with me when I was a kid, and even when I was an adult it kept bleeding easily. But when I was a teenager was the worst, and my nose used to bleed day after day up to three times a day. Part of my nose bleeding problem could be attributed to the way of life that I was living in the farm, as in summer times I had to be in the hot sun a lot of times, and the heat expansion would make my nose bleed, and in winter times because I would catch cold in the cold weather my nose would be bleeding also; but part of this nose bleeding can be attributed to the boot in the face that I received from my older brother, as I believe that it weakened my blood vessels in my nose, at least this is what I have been thinking all my life.

Anyhow, the blood loss and a poor diet in the farm made me grow very skinny, so, skinny that one could say that I had all the signs of malnutrition, I was so skinny that one could count my bony ribs, and I was also so light that other boys made fun of me, when we were playing and they used to lift me up.
I need to say also, that all these hardships and poor health that I have suffered when I was young; they are also due to the greatest drawback of my life, which happened when I was about five years old. Because then Fate struck a heavy blow to my parents, as my father and three work horses perished from a lightning strike, while they were carrying on a cart one of the last loads of wheat of the season from a faraway field, I remember my mother crying several times about my father dead.

Death in the family, the greatest drawback

When this great misfortune happened, we were left with no father and with great financial loss. With the death of my father from this misfortune everything changed for the worst for us children, therefore, all the good chances that we could have had in our life were taken away, and all the dreams that our parents had for us children came to an abrupt end.

So, after our father misfortune, our family that consisted then, of my mother and two boys and a girl including myself, we were left in a poor position to prepare for a decent future life.
My mother had to rely on her two younger brothers, who were only still teenagers at that time, and they had to help her to run our small family farm, so, we could earn a living, because in those days there was no help from the government whatsoever, we were on our own, those were hard times, I can tell you.
So, when I was about ten years old, because my family could not afford to hire a youth to help in the farm, I was chosen to help in the farm, instead of my brother who was one year older than me, and by right he should have been chosen to help.
So, I instead of continuing to go to school and get a better education, I had to go to help in our family farm, and this became the greatest drawback of my life.

The way of life in the farm was very boring when I was a child, as it had been for centuries before my time. But before my time people didn’t know how to live a better life, so, it didn’t matter much to them at that time, since most of the male farmers then lived in their farms all their lives, and everybody around them was at the same level of awareness, so, nobody was thinking that life was boring in the farm, as they accepted life as it was then, and they didn’t worry if the lot of them were dull people compared to the towns’ people, because they were less educated and lived a lonely and boring life.

Anyhow, they were happy just the same and some of them would thing that we were better off than the town people because there was always something to eat in the farm, compared to the towns’ people who sometimes went hungry, when they had no money. Anyhow, the way of life that I was living, slowly became old fashioned, therefore, it was not right to live in such a way, because of the human progress everything was changing quickly. 
So, I have been unfortunate as a young man, because everything that had not changed for centuries started to change, and most of the people that were living in the towns who before depended from the farming sector to earn a living slowly became better off than us in the farms. 
Because of the changing way of living and farming, it became hard for us to live in the farm and earn a living, so, in the end I had to leave our small family farm, to earn a living somewhere else. And it was then, that I realised that the work that I had done in the farm, and what I learned in the farm was a waste of time. Because I had to start to learn how to earn a living somewhere else. 
Therefore, because of the changes of lifestyle, which brought more hardship than usual to the small farm owners, I was forced to leave my small family farm and the town where I was born, in order to find a better living standard away from home.
So, I migrated to Australia. In Australia I changed job and worked in the building industry, which was a lot better than farming, about this building industry I will be writing a few articles.

Life means, whatever you want it to mean, even when it hurts

Now, let us look at my life like a philosopher, and learn what we can from life. Here, we want to talk about the hurting part of live that we had to go through in our young life, because we ended up working in the farms when we were young, and this left us in a disadvantaged position. Anyhow, life means whatever we want it to mean, even when it hurts us, because we can learn something from it, so, even if I am lamenting my bad luck, we should take it as a lesson from life.

I need to say that, we the younger would be farmers of those times kept working in our farms to feed the rest of the community, and even if we were working our guts out, and while we were doing that we were becoming dull, we did our part to support the rest of the community. But the town’s community doesn’t see it that way, and they think that we are stupid people that work our guts out, because we are dull and don’t know better.

So, this attitude of the community hurts farming hand very much, and most of all the young farm hands and those who would become young farmers one day, since this are the harsh thanks that we receive from the town’s community for doing what we had to do.

But what’s hurting us the young farmers most of all, it is when the towns people seem to laugh at us because we have become dull compared to themselves; this is the way that we are being treated from the rest of the town’s community and it hurts too much.

So, we the hurt ones, we feel that we want to shout into their faces that they should be ashamed of themselves because; They have first sacrificed us, as they have put us in a position where we could not improve ourselves, instead of treating us in the same way as they did for themselves, and then they laugh at us because we have become dull. What a shame! You first sacrifice your own children by sending them to work at a very early age, and then you laugh at their sacrifice, only because through their sacrifice they have become dull.

I suppose that what I have been saying above seems already out of time, as if it is hundreds of years old, but it is not, because it all happened during my life, so, how are today people going to compare my life story to today’s living is hard to tell, but it is helpful if they can compare it.

Now, I need to say that I have written the story of my life when I was young, but there are a couple more articles that I need to write before I start the second part of my life story. This two article one is about the poor outcome of my psychological love life, due to the facts that I was poorly prepared, therefore, I will lament that, because that has affected my life; the second one is about to compare the way of farming and how better off we are today. Then I will have to start my second part of my life story, beginning from when I migrated to Australia and what I did in Australia.

In this second part, I will be speaking from Australia, therefore, I will be telling you about the town that I came from, so, you my readers may understand better what was going on during my entire life. So, after I have written my next two articles, I will start telling you about the town that I come from, Genzano di Lucania. Anyhow let me close this article by saying that next article will be my psychological hub called, midway love story, which is a story of unwanted love, that has upset me psychologically. See you soon.

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