Essay About Foo Fighters Wasting Light Album Review

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Let me start by saying that there was a time, circa 1997, when The Colour and the Shape may have been my favorite album… but that was a long time ago. I’m not sure what intrigued me about this milestone album from Dave Grohl’s brainchild, Foo Fighters. Maybe I was pulled towards the album cover, which for some reason made me think of Cream’s Disraeli Gears.

Maybe I was curious and excited about the fact that Dave had decided to record the album in his basement with analog equipment. Or maybe it was the fact that he had decided to bring Krist Novoselic, the original bassist and co-founder of Nirvana, back into the recording studio to slap the bass. To my surprise I was looking forward to the album’s release like it was an Umphrey’s McGee concert. With this album a band that I now blast and make fun of more than sporadically made me eat my own words.

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The eating of my own lexicon did not stop at the iTunes purchasing page. I popped in the album and sat down, a little nervous, as I had also purchased the new Snoop Dogg album a few weeks ago. I thought to myself, “am I losing my music street cred?” as I swallowed my musical scruples and settled into the couch. To my surprise I was hit with a great intro track in “Burning Bridges,” which had me thinking Zeppelin and real Rock and Roll. Where the hell has this been the last 10 years Dave? Probot?

What about In Your Honor, the double album that appealed more to someone who liked Coldplay than Nirvana? I wasn’t even through the first track and I was excited for the next, it was remarkable. Pat Smear really gets going on the guitar, and Taylor Hawkins sounds like Keith Moon. Grohl of course delivers his catchy chorus with his powerful voice and makes you feel complacent with the fact that they hadn’t had a good album in years.

The album’s single “Rope,” is hard rocking, and I think they did well by us listeners by making it the first released single, as it is very representative of the rest of the record. But by far the best thing about “Rope” is that if you buy the Deluxe version on iTunes, you also get a Deadmau5 mix of the track, which is creative and appreciated. For those of you who are into the whole metal Grohl thing, then “White Limo” will not disappoint. They also show harmonies and melodies in the track “Back & Forth,” and “Arlandia” that show you that they can slow it down and ballad up. If you want to get a feel for the album, stick with “Ropes.” Really, you should just buy the whole album, because from someone who doesn’t claim to like the Foo Fighters, this is a great album.

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Another cool aspect of this album is that if you buy a non-digital copy the band decided that they would shatter all of the master tapes on which it was recorded and include a piece of the broken master tapes with as many albums as they could. This way each fan feels as though they are a part of Rock and Roll history, which is very cool. Check it and let me know what you think. Rock and Roll.

“Foo Fighters Wasting Light” is a complex piece of music, and if you have trouble listening to it all the way through but still need an essay, read on for an album review or just use our “pay for homework” service.

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