Essay About Black Rose

Black Rose

You have remained in the Back of the Garden a little bit too long.

Everybody knew it was wrong and that you belonged with the Others in the front.

A Black Exquisite Rose is what you are, a Genuine Star…

I see your Majestic lines throughout your face…Your beauty, your grace, and your immaculate taste speaks for itself.

Come forth Black Rose it’s time to take your true place in the garden, in the world with the rest of God’s Pearls.

Black Rose you are a sight to behold, your petals are made of Solid Gold.

Many want to who hold you, squeeze you, water you down so that you stick around and plant your petals in their ground.

I am a gardener who has felt the Power of your Hypnotic Glow.

Seen the tears flow down your sensitive eyes as a sick society tried to turn you inside out, and feed you doubts about your own strength and beauty.

Black Rose there is a gleam all around you that is the envy of many.

Because of your dark hue so many challenges were placed upon you and you always came through.

Survivor of the name calling, of self- hate, and of those who wanted you to bleach your hair and skin so that you can pretend like them.

Survivor of always being left out of the beauty contest, when she is one of the Creator’s most beautiful diamond, when allowed to shine and be her Natural Self .

The Black Rose has withstood the ridicule, the scorn, the stares, the rumors of being uncontrollable and gullible by those who sought to break her spirit and make her hate her color.

Grow Strong Black Rose for All to See, you have had enough misery, it’s time to be Spiritually, Mentally free.

Reclaim your place in the Garden.

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