A Nightmare Essay

I experienced nightmares at every point of my life from the day i was conscious enough to think, some made the hair on my neck stand others had temporary fear followed by laughter but this very nightmare shook me to my core, was a brick to my head, made me regret my being, it stimulated my worst fears, it felt like my stomach was tied in a knot, the terror it produced was matched by none. It all started like this……….

Last night, after all the cheerful gossips, the warm bed cordially invited me, I laid down, and was at ease to sleep. After some peaceful moments a picture started, it included me my closed ones and Everyone. It all started with a bang, explosion, it was a war going, everyone had to either adapt to the war life or perish. You had to kill or to get killed! I, too fought, I led a group including my closed ones, rifles stuck to our hands, every bullet shot was like the trumpet marking our death but we moved on…

It was a bizzare, broken buildings, a massacare. We moved and moved firing to the blood thirsty enemy, we soon reached protection but, there was no permanent protection, waiting or resting for long would mark our end, we moved still again, a long way but all ofa sudden a bomb hit past me! I and a few people got to protection in time but the rest could not!

They had perished, my closed ones, it was like being poisoned by the most deadliest, painful, poison ever used to poison the mankind, the blood in my body was fire, my own entity seemed a sin, I was a brave-hearted man before, but no one, no one can bear a closed thing being lost, my tears dived onto the ground red with blood !

I soon woke up! But it was relief as well as pain at the same time, this affected me for like a week, my appetite was lost, life was a mere gloom, but God has gifted man with immunity to overcome whatever feeling hurts you. I, too overcame the feelings that possesed me but thinking of them still haunts me.

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